Book Self-Publishing: Choose Full Service over Self-Serve


Self-Publishing is the best way to get a book published for a new writer. Gone are the days when new writers had to go through the trouble of approaching traditional publishers, and wait for two years or more, to get the book published.

These days, you can get your book published in a matter of months or even days, by opting for self-publishing. If you are not comfortable enough to get the book published on your own, you can always get the help of self-publishing agencies like

You will have the option of choosing full service through which all your publishing requirements will be taken care of by the agency.

Why choose full service over self-serve?

When you choose full service over self-serve at, you are entitled to a lot of great perks which you cannot receive anywhere else. When you choose any of the “self-serve” options provided by organizations similar to, you often have to do away with most of the rights associated with your book. Such organizations provide very fine print contracts, which take away your rights, without alarming you. Also, you do not get the lion share of the revenue, which is generated from the sales of your book. Besides that, the typical “self-serve” publisher does not give you a lot of say on aspects which include intellectual property and book distribution.

With the full service option at, you will be entitled to the following:

1. The rights of the book will remain with you;

2. You will get the lion share of any revenue generated from any sales;

3. There are no hidden charges;

4. The bill contract provided will be plain and simple, explaining everything in detail;

5. You will get help on book cover designing or re-designing, if you seek such help;

6. You are also eligible to receive website design, CIP & ISBN registration; and also SEO and marketing of the author’s website. An example of an Agora designed website:

You will not receive a complete package from any other self-serve publishers.

Do not get ripped off

If you follow the blog posts of prominent bloggers such as Linda Welch and Katie Salidas, you would be aware that they have blogged extensively about the self-publishing service from Book Country, which is an online community affiliated to Penguin Publishers. They have reported that many new writers have been ripped off through such a self-service option from a so-called ‘prestigious’ organization.

After paying more than $500 for self-publishing, the writers were only offered an e-book from Penguin for such a big amount.

There are quite a few software available on the internet for free, with which you can create an e-book. Writers who opt for such self-serve option might be in for a complete waste of time, effort and money.

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