Toronto: Book self-publishing seminar seminar takes-off


Have you written a book manuscript? Are you thinking of writing a manuscript? Are you seeking to learn book self-publishing marketing techniques and other strategies? Are you in the Greater Toronto Area? You are welcome to sign-up for informative book self-publishing seminars on Monday, 24 September 2004 in downtown Toronto:


For a writer with natural talent and a gift for writing, the writing of a book itself is not the most difficult task. For many writers, the bigger challenge is getting his or her book published once it has been written.

Although accessing the publishing market is easier today than it was in the past, it is still not always easy to publish a book, as there are so many different publishers available to choose from that it’s not always easy to tell which one will provide you with the services you require as far as both publishing and marketing your book. But luckily for new writers, a new method of publishing has become available that helps eliminate the hassle out of getting their book published and on the market.

Agora’s self-publishing service offers a full-service alternative that will help you take care of everything related to getting your book published.

When you use Agora’s self-publishing service, it is easy to become not only a writer, but also a publisher as well for other aspiring authors. Agora can help navigate you through the legal pros and cons of setting up different types of business organizations for your very own book publishing company. Agora provides aspiring authors who seek to create their own publishing company with book industry know-how and insights. Agora has over 10 years of experience in the book publishing industry to share with you.

Many times when you send a book to a publisher, you may find that the publisher either rejects your book, or may want to publish the book but won't represent you in promoting and marketing your book. Other times, a publisher might accept your book for publication but then they make you wait for very long time or require you to agree to terms and conditions that you might not wish to accept.

Rejection from the publishers can be very disappointing, and the resulting stress as well as the hassle of trying to get your book accepted for publication can make many writers decide to give up on their book altogether.

Fortunately, there is good news for aspiring writers. offers innovative book self-publishing for authors that will help get your book publishing dreams back on track. offers innovative book self-publishing for authors that makes the process of getting your book published much simpler than it was before, and they offer many other services as well.

When you self-publish your book using the services provided by, you will almost certainly find that the results are beyond your expectations. Both the printing and the publishing of the books are outstanding, and the service provided by is very efficient as well. is a place for authors to make their dream come true, and is a company that can be fully trusted with your creation.

Other publishers keep everything in the publishing process a secret from their customers, but self- publishing offers a full-service alternative that allows you to work with the publisher throughout the entire process of printing, designing your book cover, and publishing your book. And to help increase the sales of your book, helps increase the popularity of your book by providing ISBN and CIP registration services. Though it is not a legal requirement, books that are printed with an ISBN and CIP are highly preferred by bookstores. And for the widest and the best publicity this is necessary, as Amazon doesn’t list books without an ISBN AND CIP.

In short, self-publishing offers full -service alternatives that help you become a good author, and by doing so they help make your dream of publishing a book come true. All the services of this company, whether it is publishing, printing, designing book covers, marketing, or distribution, help you get your book both published and publicized.

You can count on to be with you in all the necessary steps in the publishing and selling of your book.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, you can register to one of Agora’s personalized book publishing seminar. Otherwise you can email 
to contact Agora.

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