Political Prostitution: Joey Smallwood book makes debut


There are so many political books that are written by so many writers. However; only a few are able to create the needed impact to really touch the lives of the people liked the books were written to. Out of the many political books that was written for Americans and Canadians alike, JOEY’S STORY is a book that was written by Bob Moss.

This book is very fascinating and exciting all in one. When you buy the book, you will see that Joseph Roberts Smallwood (Joey Smallwood) appears on the cover as he was known or mostly seen during his political tenure. Joseph Roberts Smallwood was born in a Newfoundland coastal village called Gambo on the Eve of Christmas but passed on the 17th of December, 1991.

The book (Joey’s Story) talks about his experiences with the political scene in both America and Canada with main emphasis lying on private financing of elections as a form of prostitution. Joey Smallwood is the proud last “father of confederation”. There are so many people that never understood his point. However; reading JOEY’S STORY will explain to you want Joey Smallwood meant and also exactly what he stood for.

There were so many politicians across the world that were surprised including Bob Moss as to what Joey Roberts Smallwood said of the governing systems in the United States and Canada. However; Joey Smallwood stood his ground because he knew exactly what he was talking about. From humble beginnings with his mother Mary Devanna and father Charles Smallwood, he grew to become a force of peace and unity for his town where he was born.

The book talks about his life and how far he came into the game of politics. This helps you to understand exactly where Joey Smallwood stood where private financing of politics and elections especially and the entire political world is concerned. When these monies can be used for better initiatives, they are used to sponsor elections that cost so much and takes so much from taxes paid by citizens which is bad.

All his life, Joey Smallwood lived for the people and also lived to see things go well. Although he did not have it the way he wished all the time, he never gave up; he pushed and pushed. He believed politicians where misusing the taxes of the people by using it to sponsor elections which brought no benefit to the people. This book “JOEY’S STORY” tells the world everything they need or there is to know.

Joey Smallwood in his later years committed his life to the production of the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and also Labrador. Although along the way the project got stuck due to financial issues due to the stroke he suffered in 1984; the project still lived on and still lives on today. He grew up as a very competent radio personality, reporter and also a farmer. Joey Smallwood is regarded a hero and also one of the best politicians ever.

Author: Bob Moss

ISBN: 978-1-927538-00-5

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