U.S. Election: Abe Lincoln would hate Global Free Trade Charade

Abe Lincoln would even despise this concept of so-called "global free trade". This merely stands to reason. Just look at what Lincoln stood for... he didn't have much time for the idea of slavery, that's for sure. Moreso, Father Abe, as he was known affectionately, stood for what he believed in brav ely and that was to preserve the Union in the making of the United States of America. A vital part of that was starting the means (Emancipation Proclamation) to end black slavery in the U.S.. So, no doubt, he would be the first to be shocked on finding that feudal or slavery mentality still existed among his fellow Americans, even though it is surfacing in China and other developing countries.

In fact, the idea of world free trade is founded mostly, it would seem, on the rich , and mostly from the U.S., reportedly, exploiting the poor and in terms of slave labour. And knowing how the rich are filling their pockets by it and as the poor get poorer, especially within the U.S., this would be enough to turn Father Abe's stomach, no doubt about it.
Canadian politics are bad enough, without question, when it comes to understanding just what is going on within society but when it comes to American politics, I'm lost completely.

For American politicians and somewhat constantly during elections are often viewed as digging up Father Abe, as it were , so as to serve as an idol for them. And they are doing that while at the same time there is not a whimper out of them as to just what free trade is doing and in terms of gutting America.There is certainly conflict in all this . For how can politicians, on one hand, be all there ins their praises of Father Abe when on the other hand they are doing the very things he would frown upon?

The picture painted is one of politicians wanting  to be seen looking like Father Abe in behaviour when, indeed, they are "not a patch on his ass." Excuse the language but in Newfoundland dialect that means there is no comparison.
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