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Countless people desire to embrace a best sellers title, and feature on top of booksellers list. Listing down ideas, researching, plotting the correct details, and presenting it in manuscript form, is not an easy job. Some keep deleting notes written to capture the exact sentiments they want to present to readers. Most novelists work hard but placing their creation on the market is one gigantic hurdle they need to overcome. Who will want to buy a book from an author they have certainly not heard about!

Book lovers want to associate with celebrated publishing dynasties known to sanction talents in writing. As a result, self-publishing writers can find it bumpy to sell a book even to their friends let alone bookshelf space in book cafes.

Publicizing books especially in print form is not easy and you can hold very critical details on your book, or research, but most book cafés will not even read it predominantly if they do not know the publishing house. This is a long expedition for such authors and planning a book launch, leaves them penniless and not surefire if people will attend.

Getting a boost from a major publishing house makes an enormous impact, leading an author to acclaimed heights and feature in news reviews. This is how Agora, which is a non-profit organization, helps authors get on their feet and endure with what they love doing.
Marketing does not have to worry you anymore and what’s more, is you get professional editing and criticisms from agora publishing, which keeps you on the right track towards creating a better author. Some methods used by to assist clients include featuring books on their site, to market them; creating online seminars to engross different authors in discussions to aid them in writing and expounding on different topics of interests, excision services for manuscripts, and proposals for reviews. This encourages growth in this sector and gives aspiring authors platform to deliberate, express their views and seek advice from other thespians.

With a good foundation from a leading publishing house, an author accomplishes different ways to market books including online books, to influence wider clientele, and endorse their image.

Luckily, Agora has different reputable affiliates, who assist them to market books for authors and this gives them a face lift to penetrate in the industry. They comprise, in part, of book cafes, and bodies dealing with social justice for writers in this sector.

Self-publishing takes time to market you to the world but dealing with like-minded writers make it easier for you to portray your image and attract worldwide attention. Agora has backed many writers especially those dealing with social justice, human rights, globalization, spirituality, and economic democracy.

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