Ottawa writers discover book self-publishing empowerment

Earlier, people used to regard book self-publishing as ‘vanity press’ and the phrase itself spoke volumes about the way self publishing authors were viewed. Such writers were considered "not good enough" to get a real publishing contract. They had to pay to see their book in print. However, such assumptions have become things of the past as the advent of technology has revolutionized the world of book publishing.

Print-on-demand and e-books have given a massive boost to the world of self-publishing. In fact, even a handful of writers have had huge best-sellers, which were published through self-publishing. These authors were not only praised by the critics, but they were also liked by the readers. The best part is that, these authors did not have to go through the difficult process of approaching traditional publishers.

According to an article published in, recently quite a few authors like TV Blogger Alan Sepinwall, Hanna Brooks Olsen etc. have been able to gain a lot of popularity through self-publishing, and their books even became best sellers. If you are an aspiring author, you can opt for the book self-publishing service of a reputed agency like Agora Publishing.

As you can see, book self-publishing is no longer for vanity, and it has the potential to make your book a success. However, you will need to ensure that you only choose the services of a renowned agency like Agora Publishing. If you intend to publish the book all by yourself, you may not achieve the level of success you desire. On the other hand, a professional publishing house can help you in turning your dreams into reality. offers full service option which offers all kinds of assistance on getting the book published and making it a success. Here is how the agency can make you a potential best seller:

1) Book cover design - the cover of the book speaks volumes about it and often determines the success of the book. Agora Publishing can help you by designing the ideal book cover, which will help your book in getting a lot of attention.

2) Marketing - the agency will help your cause by creating a strong marketing plan for your book. With the help of social media, they will create awareness about your book and will help in making it popular. Besides, they can even also get reviews of your book published in various websites.  

3) Complete Support - the agency will also provide you with consulting and other related publishing support in different areas such as book cover design, target marketing, printing and book distribution. Thus, you will not have to worry about any aspect of publishing your book, and can get help from the expertise of experienced staff of the agency.

Apart from that, Agora Publishing often sponsors various meet-up events through which you can interact with industry experts, publishers and fellow authors. You can learn a lot about book self-publishing, by attending these events.

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