Ottawa writers learn to Self-Publish Books is not your average book publisher.  For a start they are not- for-profit.  Next, they have a conscience and specialize in books about human rights and social justice, healthcare and environmentalism. And through their self-publishing service, they try to make it easy for passionate writers to get published, and then to actually sell their books.  How many publishers do that?

Aspiring authors in Ottawa can now get extra special assistance through a new initiative which calls Meet-Up.  As the name implies, this is an opportunity for writers to meet in congenial locations like cafés or bistros to talk to other writers.  These free (well you may have to pay for coffee or dinner) information sessions are a wonderful way to share past experiences in the self-publishing field, learn from others’ mistakes before you make them yourself, and learn the tricks of the trade from writers who have been there and done that.

One such session, scheduled for near the end of December 2012, aspires to bring together enough people to cover all aspects of self-publishing a book.  Obviously, this cannot be achieved in one session, and the same people may not be at the next Meet-up.  The more you attend, the more experiences and insights you will get to share.  Perhaps the most important aspect is that you can get a free consultation on your manuscript.

If you have at least a first draft of a manuscript, you will want to Meet-up.  If you are looking to develop a website in order to market your book, or looking to market your book in bookshops, you will want to Meet-up.   If you need your book cover polished, you will want to Meet-up.  Whatever you need to know about self-publishing, someone will have the answers. In the process you will meet other authors, make friends and have a great social occasion.

If no one resent has the skills you need, they will almost certainly know someone who does.  In no time at all, you will have an entire network of fellow self-publishers offering mutual support and encouragement.  You can do it alone, but a back-up team makes it so much easier.  Check out for a meeting near you, and contact Agora Publishing to learn more about the other services they offer to nearly-there authors.


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