San Francisco writers get new publishing outlet

One of the biggest criticisms of social media is that they are, in fact, not social at all – you seldom get to meet the people you are Friends with – all you do is commune with your computer.  Meetup is not like that at all.  As the name implies, the purpose of this network is for like-minded people to meet each other and share, in person, their ideas and passions.


The newest Meetup group in San Francisco consists of authors waiting to be published, published authors wanting to talk about their experiences and many others interested in the process of becoming published.  The group is sponsored by, a Canadian-based non-profit publisher of socially relevant titles. also provides services from manuscript review to internet marketing for new authors who want to self-publish, never losing sight of the fact that you need to be in control of the process.  They also make sure that all your intellectual property rights are preserved..  Nevertheless, they established the Meetup group as a way for aspiring authors to meet others with more experience in the field and to learn - free – how to go about getting your book into print, and then marketing it.


Nearly 50 San Francisco area writers have joined the group in the two months it has been in existence. As these things have a way of snowballing, that number is likely to grow exponentially in the months to come bringing in expertise on everything from editing and rewriting to layout and typesetting to developing a website from which to sell your book.


Writing is a lonely business.’s Meetup group provides a way to get out and meet your fellow authors.  Even if you do nothing else, the chance to have someone impartial read and comment on your manuscript is invaluable. (Mothers and significant others may not tell you the hard truths that you need to hear if your book is to be a success.)


To join the group and start meeting your peers, go to You should also check out for a checklist of the steps you need to follow if that manuscript you have been slaving over for so long is going to make it on to the best-seller list.