Toronto writers learn book self-publishing


Big cities tend to be filled with people with big dreams, and people who just love shooting down those dreams. As cheesy as that sounded, that is the truth of the matter. They can’t be blamed either. This is life, and to stay alive you need to be realistic. Fortunately, reality doesn't always go against those with seemingly unrealistic dreams and there are always people out there who are more than willing to help you out to fulfill those dreams.

Words however, are empty when they don’t match reality, and the truth is, being a writer isn't easy. Sure it looks easy, all you need is the ability to string words, an idea, and somewhere to write. Then you look at the reality of technicalities and you find that you also need to know the different kinds of writing techniques, the different kinds of literature structures, the rules of language, the philosophy of language and (one of the most important) how to publish your work.

While most of the other aspects of being a writer can be answered through self-learning and experience, can help make publishing easier. Publishing is one of the hardest aspects of writing. It may be directly part of it, but it is still part of it nonetheless. Once you've turned your ideas into a manuscript, the only way for people to know about it is to publish it. If it doesn't seem like a “sellable” material, then no matter how good it is no one will publish it but yourself. Then again, why not publish it yourself? This is where can help you immensely.

If you’re living in Toronto, or somewhere close by, then why not stop by  and find out which café or bistro where the next meet-up group on self-publishing is coming? sponsors these meet-ups for aspiring writers to come together and learn more on self-publishing. While the creation of e-books have certainly made self-publishing easier, turning your self-published work into a bestseller is as hard as ever.

Of course you can think that it’s all about being part of “what’s hot” but that doesn't make you a bestseller. It just means that your book will be talked about for a time. Some people will like it, some will hate it, some will genuinely read it, some will buy it just to leave it on a shelf in their home but that doesn't mean that your book will be appreciated by the world like most of the books that made you want to write in the first place. Visiting the website above and can change that too.

These meet-ups aren't just about being a self-publishing author, it’s also about learning how to be a bestselling author as well. These meet-ups will give you the most important tool in any aspect of life: knowledge.  So come visit  and and learn just how you can turn your manuscript from a thick ring bound pieces of paper to a real piece of work appreciated by not just you but the rest of the world too.  

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