Atlantic Canada writers learn book self-publishing

Some of the most successful books in history have been self-published, including Ulysses, The Adventures of Peter Rabbit, The Joy of Cooking, Elements of Style and Robert’s Rules of Order.  Authors who have self-published include Mark Twain, Zane Grey, Deepak Chopra and John Grisham who, after 30 agents failed to find him a publisher, self-published “A View to a Kill”.  Christopher Paolini’s parents mortgaged their house to publish and promote his first book, Eragon.

Rejection by third-party publishers is not the only reason that authors choose to publish their books themselves. This route is much speedier than traditional publishing which can take years.  Potential earnings for a moderately successful book are higher as the author takes all, not just the modest royalty a publisher offers. Best of all, it leaves the author completely in control of the entire process.  He or she can do it all – from layout and design of the interior and the cover, to formatting and pricing, to distribution, and marketing.  Alternatively, some or all of the tasks can be outsourced to companies which offer these services. One such company is whose mission is to facilitate the self-publishing process for authors across Canada and around the world.

One of their biggest success stories it the very timely book, Joey’s Story: Private financing of elections, a form of prostitution, by Bob Moss. “Joey” is Joseph Roberts Smallwood who almost single handedly made Newfoundland and Labrador part of the Canadian Confederation, and whose insights into the political systems in both Canada and the US are still relevant.  Through,writer Bob Moss successfully published his fascinating book, which is now available to top bookstores across Canada and the U.S., as well as on Amazon.


Agora offers a complete range of services from which authors can pick and choose according to their needs.  At the very least would-be authors should attend a free information session to learn what you need to learn about publishing.  There is a manuscript evaluation service, peer review and copy editing services.  Should the manuscript pass muster, Agora offers free ISBN and CIP registration.  Typesetting and layout are next, plus cover design and pre-publication promotion.  Once the book is ready, Agora offers a range of free marketing services.

Other authors in Atlantic Canada would do well to look at Bob Moss’s successful self-publishing effort, and consider whether this is perhaps the way to get their own book into print.


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