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Book self publishing can be a good opening opportunity for you to take it upon yourself to print and distribute your book while you find the services of those you need. You already have the idea in place and have the details all in one but you are wondering where to find the breakthrough so your book will reach the mass out there and you start getting feedback and returns for your efforts.

You will require services like

·         -- Copywriting: the actual writing of the book. Will you require someone to do the editing for the length and content, creating the final text, proofing the final text and writing the outline or you can do these things by yourself?

·         -- Proof pages: printing of the finished pages, creating final pages, numbering in order, right and left pages, quality. They all need to be done and the decision is yours to make if you need help.

·         -- Cover art: the work of art on the back and front covers of the book. Using photos and art from a supplier, custom art, overlaying the text.

·         -- Internal artwork: this artwork appears within the text. Will you use clip art, create custom art work by your self.

·         -- Printing involves the process of having to print hard covers and copy pages, electronic files and binding of the pages and covers. Do you want to invest largely or you will print just a few copies and distribute them to the media for feedback while taking orders?

·         -- Distribution: are you going to distribute the books to the retailers, directly to customers or online distributors, or do you need professional help?

These are some of the questions that you need to understand before you decide to begin the process of book publishing. At, we are ready to help you understand the magnitude of these issues you need to deal with at only at $200.00. We offer one-on-one one hour tutorial which includes subsequent on-going consultative support for aspiring authors globally who are currently working on a book project. You will need to register and email to with your first name, last name, details of your book project, and your availability for this "crash course" on book self-publishing, along with your Skype ID.

Registration is limited and your pledges can be made via PayPal. The tutorial and on-going support can be conducted with or without video chat.

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