Book Self-Publishing Crash Course Lucrative for Writers


Self-publishing is indeed a dream that has assumed realistic proportions for contemporary authors and the fact that websites which encourage writers to self-publish their books remain inundated with works is proof enough of the popularity of this concept. However, in spite of it being the norm, the idea is not without its misgivings, the foremost concern being that of quality. It is this issue which forms the core of any tutorial in self-publishing, particularly if you have chosen, and participation is bound to broaden horizons, thus leading to higher income.

For an author who might have chosen self-publishing over traditional methods, revenue generation is an important concern and a bit of professional guidance in this regard is always welcome. While there are several courses that offer to help, your endeavor should be to join a reputed program like that offered by, which provides an in-depth insight into the nittygritty involved. By doing so, you will be privy to essential tricks of the trade that will enable you not just to understand how to improve your ebook but also to project it on to the global market so that it is sufficiently noticed.

Assuming you have enrolled with, the first form of help that you can expect takes the form of polishing your work through exercises like editing, proof-reading and designing a book-cover. Because statistics have proved that authors who subject their work to the most detailed scrutiny before self-publishing stand a better chance, these are important steps that should never be ignored.

Next comes marketing followed by reviews and each is important in its own way. There are authors who would lay plenty of store by marketing as they feel that it is the most effective way of selling a book and earning from it. However, many other experts opine that unless the quality is acceptable, marketing will not make much of a difference. Professionals at suggest balancing both attributes, meaning emphasizing on quality while at the same time marketing it intelligently.

Last but not the least is of course the question of reviews – the more reviews your book has, the better it will be received by avid readers. One of the ways entails submitting books to review blogs and get it reviewed by experts prior to self-publishing. During a course with, you will be taught about the importance of reviews as also the manner by which you can seek leverage from them when it comes to promotion and sales.

So what are you waiting for?

The cost of this package is $200.00. Pledges can be made through PayPal. To register, email with your first name, last name, details of your book project, and your availability for this "crash course" on book self-publishing, along with your Skype ID. The tutorial and on-going support can be conducted with or without video chat.

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