Book Self-Publishing: 6 Ways is better than Create Space

There are many people out there that are looking to get their book published. Everybody has a story to tell and you just never know, your book may be a hit. The challenge is to find the right company to help you to get it published. Most people are not going to send their manuscript to a big publishing company and see it in the book store next month. This means that they have to find more creative ways to be able to get their materials published.

One way that many choose is to have it published through one of these companies that acts as an independent publisher, helping writers get their publication going. Two of the ones that are more commonly selected are Agora Publishing and Creative Space for writers. If you are considering choosing a company to assist you, here are six reasons why you should go with

6. Aids in Promoting You on the Web – not only will Agora Publishing help you to get your book published, but they have great expertise in optimizing the book for search engines and search engine marketing. This gives it the best chance of being seen by people when they put in a keyword related to our books subject matter. This will really help to boost your sales.

5. Advantage – This is non-profit group that provides services to clients across North America and internationally. They can help you to get more attention for your book and, because they are a non-profit, their prices are much more affordable, while stilling providing the best of services.

4. Great Marketing Strategies – has a sensational team of marketing experts that can show you how to get your book title into newspapers, magazines and websites. Even when there are costs involved they can show you how to find the ones that are the most beneficial to you at a cost you can afford, and because they have built great relationships they are able to get reduced costs for your advertisement.

3. Groups Working Together – Agora Publishing is a consortium of various non-profit and books distributors that are oriented to assisting charitable causes. What this means is that you are getting a lot of expertise while also coming across a lot of groups that are in this business more for help than for profit. This helps you to avoid unnecessary costs.

2. Distribution – While Create Space has a wide distribution circle, they cannot top that of Agora Publishing. Because of the manner in which the consortium is set up, there are a large number of connections to outlets that most startup book producers simply could not provide. This is one of the most important reasons to go to them.

1. Reputation means a Great Deal – Because of all the different pieces that are invested here, there are many who really want to see this succeed. This means they will go the extra mile to help you to get your book off the ground and doing well. You simply cannot beat them.




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