Book Self Publishing: Agora Books Offers Critical Service to Writers

Self-publishing of books is now the orders of the day as lots of writers have found solace in this area than opting for the services of traditional publishing houses. This has led to the emergence of numerous book self-publishing agencies all over the internet. It is however quite unfortunate that some writers are unable to differentiate between an authentic book self-publishing agency and a fake one.

Self-publishing agencies like are the actual pace-setters when it comes to the provision of services relating to high quality book self-publishing.  You can contact Agora Publishing's HERE if you want find out more information about their book self-publishing services.

More often than not, is compared to by some authors. This is a complete mismatch and a mistake as Agora Books offer the kind of critical services to writers that can never be achieved on

Self-publishing a book mainly centres on three areas and they are;

·         Writing

·         Editing

·         Marketing

Although each of these 3 areas is very necessary, any mistake done during editing is bound to have a very disastrous impact on how the book appeals to readers. Typesetting which falls under the editing area hold the key with regards to whether you make it as a writer or not.

 It is therefore very disheartening to come across a self-published book that really has a very powerful storyline but unable to get 100 copies sold. Most of the self-publishing agencies like, do not take their time to check your book in order to ensure that it has the perfect typesetting. Typesetting is a very important aspect of self-publishing if an author’s desire is to sell more copies of his or her book and this is an area that handles perfectly than any other self-publishing agency.

What you get with the typesetting service of

The typesetting services provided to a particular writer by provide writers with the following benefits;

·         It ensures that all texts and graphics contained in the book are perfectly aligned.

·         It makes it very easy for a reader to picture both graphics and text contained in a page with just a single look.

·         It helps in ensuring that all colours used for both the text and graphics complement each other.

·         It makes use of the appropriate fonts which helps in ensuring that readers do not stress themselves up in trying to read the book. knows the various font sizes that should be used for each genre of book to be published.

·         It also gives a book the professional look that it needs in order to achieve its objective of mass marketability.

As a writer seeking for mass marketability of your self-published book, it is always very important to ensure that you avoid the services of agencies like as they do not ensure quality control of published books.

The moment you throw the typesetting services of your book out of the window is the day you personally destroyed your writing career. For the best book self-publishing services there is no agency that can be compared to


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