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The introduction of book self-publishing has made it increasingly very simple for writers to get their books out with very little effort. However, self publishing a book is not as simple as it seems and involves a lot of effort on the part of you, as a writer, in order to make it as a self-published writer. Without the necessary tips from the top self-publishing professionals, a writer is bound to personally hit the self-destruct button of his or her writing career. Although there are numerous book-self publishing agencies, only a limited number of these agencies can provide you with the kind of insider tips that will mould you into one of the best writers in the world.

For some years now, has been providing unparalleled self-publishing tips to both the up-and-coming writers as well as those with some degree of experience. They have self-publishing experts who boast of a lot of years in the area of offering vital pieces of advice to writers.

What you stand to gain with their online tutorial?

The benefits of signing up for the online book self-publishing tutorials provided by are numerous for you as a writer and it include the following;

The chance to learn life-changing book self-publishing tips: In your quest to acquire authentic pieces of information that will go a long way in helping you to become an established and famous writer, the online tutorial service being provided by is just what you need. Their self-publishing tips are one of the best as they provide you with self-publishing insider tips that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

The chance to learn self-publishing tips at an affordable fee: When it comes to getting the necessary tips that will help you immensely in your self-publishing career at a very affordable fee, the services of always comes first ahead of all the other self publishing agencies like Create Space. All that you need to do is to pay a one-time sign-up fee of $250 which is the cheapest when compared to what other similar sites take for rendering services that are of a very low quality.

No need to travel: Unlike a lot of the self-publishing agencies which require you to travel to certain locations in order to undergo certain courses in book self-publishing, does the complete opposite. They make use of the availability of internet services to provide you with an online-based learning program. All that you are required to have is a Skype ID and you can chat with them for an hour online.

Personalized tutorials: Due to the fact that their services are rendered via Skype to each and every single customer, you get the chance to ask them questions that might have been bothering you about self-publishing and all their services are also tailored to suit your specific needs as an individual writer.

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