University of Toronto Professors Get Book Self-Publishing Boost

Are you a Toronto University Professor seeking to publish your own book without having to endure the difficulties involved in going to the university printing press? presents you with their book self-publishing services that have seen a lot of writers succeed with their self-publishing careers.

The kind of book self-publishing services being provided by to writers in Canada is simply something that can never ever be bettered or even equalled. They have come to do away with the difficulties that writers had to go through in order to get their books published by any of the well established and recognized traditional publishing houses. However, it is very hard to believe that even in an era where self-publishing services are clearly overshadowing that of the traditional publishing houses, University professors are still being subjected to such tedious and unprofitable publishing processes.

It is for this reason that has decided to make available its book self-publishing services to all professors at the University of Toronto. What this means is that, you no longer need to pass through the various bureaucratic printing processes in place at the University Printing Press. All that you have to do now is to simply employ the self-publishing services of and your book will be out within the shortest possible time.

This initiative by the agency is one that allows you to avoid the numerous disadvantages associated with the traditional printing houses like high printing fees and having to wait for longer periods before getting your book published. Why opt for something which makes it difficult for you to reach your goals as an author of a book when you can simply join the large number of writers who have had their books self-published by


Make that bold decision today and seek for the self-publishing services of in order to boost your chances of becoming successful as an author.


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