Book Self-Publishing: Writers Get Typesetting Services for Mass Marketability

Are you contemplating how certain books were able to reach mass-marketability? You are not alone with such a thought as there are a lot of writers out there who are willing to even go beyond their estimated budget just to achieve mass-marketability for their books. The sad thing is that most of these writers are of the view that mass-marketability is the hallmark of a huge budget. This is just a complete misconception.

For some years now, a lot of book self-publishing agencies like and Create Space have been providing writers with services related to assisting them self-publish their own books. However, unlike Create Space where your book’s ability to reach mass-marketability is left to chance due to the kind of services that they render, makes it their business to go the extra mile to make sure that your book gets a very professional look.

The professional look of a book does not necessarily rely on the content of the book as many writers have been made to believe. It strictly depends on certain factors which are mostly overlooked by other agencies like Create Space. These factors include the following;

Typesetting: There are locally and internationally accepted typesetting standards when it comes to self-publishing and the moment a self-publishing agency gambles with this signifies trouble for you. At, they always make sure that your book is giving typesetting services that brings about its professional look.

Cover Design: A lot of readers are simply attracted to a particular book by its cover design. This is an area that also tackles properly to ensure that readers fall in love with your book even before they open the book.

Layout: A book that is published with the basic word processing settings of most of the word processors around is just a disaster waiting to happen. These are not standard publishing settings. However, it requires an expert to be able to identify this flaw in order to provide you with the locally and internationally accepted standards. This is something that they do very well at

Author blog sites: At, they also make sure that a blog site is created for your book which is a way of helping you to build your fan-base and also address other issues that might come up from them.

Local and international marketing strategies: Most writers have not been able to sell more than 50 copies of their self-published books and it all boils down to the fact that such an area wasn’t taken care of by the self-publishing agency. At, they see to it that your book is place in local and international online bookstores and provided with quality SEO and SEM services to help it achieve mass-marketability.

These are just a few of the self-publishing services that provides for every writer who seek for their services.

When it comes to self-publishing your book with, they go out of their comfort zone to ensure that you get assisted in areas such as;

·         ISBN registration

·         Publishing of books to meet the Canadian and US market standards as well as the international market standards

·         Book distribution agency services

·         Cataloguing In Publication


Get in touch with today and they will assist you to produce a professional book that will achieve mass-marketability easily.


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