Start Your Own Book Self-Publishing Company

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to start your own book self-publishing company? Well, on the contrary starting your own book self-publishing company can be one of the easiest business start-ups. However, it all comes down to the kind of book self-publishing agency that you decide to partner with. For some time now, has been offering highly motivated freelancers the opportunity to start their own book self-publishing company and it is only advisable that you partner with them. is currently seeking for well motivated and goal-driven individuals who want to operate as freelancers for locally. The main task to be carried out by all interested freelancers is to link writers up with so that they assist these writers with the publishing of their books. This simply means that you only have to identify people who are willing and ready to self-publish their books and introduce them to will then produce mass marketable books for your clients. The best part of accepting to becoming a freelancer for is that the only work you have to do is to close deals with writers who want to produce high quality mass marketable books and then get paid handsomely.

With this opportunity being offered by, you are only expected to act as the Marketing and Sales representative for and it is for this reason that you as the freelancer need to have a good background in marketing and sales. Freelancers with a sound background in Marketing and Sales always have some kind of edge over those without any kind of knowledge. However, aside this basic requirement, your desire to succeed is always of paramount important. As a not-for-profit book self-publishing organization with both local and international recognition, it is always a WIN-WIN situation for you the freelancer. This is due to the fact that does not seek to make any kind of profit from the high quality book self-publishing services that they offer and as such a freelancer is always assured of their credibility and authenticity.

When it comes to the self-publishing of high quality mass marketable books, does everything humanly possible to ensure that each and every client achieves his or her main objectives of deciding to self-publish their own books. This can be seen in the high level of professionalism that attaches to the production of each and every single book with emphasis in areas such as typesetting, graphic design, layout, book site creation, book distribution, SEO services and cover design. These are aspects of book self-publishing that are very vital to a writer’s success. However, other book self-publishing agencies like Create Space simply ignore these aspects and therefore always end up with the production of books that are of the lowest quality and also get just a few copies sold. With a self-publishing company like Create Space, freelancers are always bound to be on the losing end of every deal due to the fact that writers become infuriated when they realize that their books could not achieve mass marketability. Such a development makes you lose credibility as writers are bound to leave various negative comments about your which serves as a warning to any potential client.

The main motive of this opportunity being offered by is to create a network of writers who want to self-publish their own books with you, the freelancer, as the link between and the writers.


Contact today and they will assist with all that you need in order to start your own book self-publishing company.


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