New Brunswick Writers: Book Self-Publishing Tour

A lot of writers have had various appalling experiences at the hands of book self-publishing service providers and this has led to the collapse of the writing careers of numerous writers. Writers within certain parts of Canada like Edmundston or Fredericton have always had to go with the low standard self-publishing services of publishing agencies like Create Space and the end results have always been catastrophic. It is for this reason that has decided to embark on a book self-publishing tour aimed at providing quality and efficient self-publishing services to writers within New Brunswick.

The main aim of every writer has always been the publication of mass marketable books at a very affordable price and this is something that does best. As a self-publishing company established by a writer, it only seeks to assist writers get their manuscripts published in the best way possible. This self-publishing tour should therefore be seen as good news for all writers in Edmundston and Fredericton. For those located outside Edmundston and Fredericton, you can also get in touch with and they will schedule an appointment to meet up with you at a place and time that will be appropriate for all.  Make an appointment to meet or speak with an Agora Books representative HERE.


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