Ottawa Writers Profit From Book Self-Publishing

Ottawa writers often have to deal with the frustration of numerous rejection letters.

Book self-publishing offers an alternative. can help you produce high quality designed books with the same quality of a multi-million and billion dollar corporate trade publisher.

They can review your manuscript and give you tips on book self-publishing considerations for $50.00

Professional Typesetting rates for a book starts at $2500.00

Get an eBook published. Rates start at $499.00. This includes book cover design.

Their website is

Agora's extended services include -

- Book Distribution into Chapters / Indigo (and the U.S and abroad)
- Marketing / Book Distribution into Libraries across Canada and internationally
- Marketing / Book Distribution to Educational Organizations
- Book Distribution to Online Booksellers
- Business Consulting - Advice / Legal issues of setting-up own publishing company, etc
- Dissemination of Detailed Bibliographic Data to International Online Booksellers including, Blackwells, etc
- Paid Book Reviews marketed / published on our Blogs -
- Lobbying / Coordinating Interviews by Journalists - Radio / TV / Newspapers / Blogs
- Setting up Authors Blogs and Book Websites
- SEO and Search Engine Marketing for Author Websites
- Promotional Products for Author Signings, i.e. Cups. Aprons, T-shirts, etc
- YouTube video Testimonials / Social Media Marketing
- Whiteboard Animation -
- Bilingual and Multilingual Copy Editing - Includes French
- Trade Publisher Quality Typesetting Management / Graphic Design
- Video production and video editing
- Developmental / Stylistic Editing / Peer Review in areas which include Canadian history, politics, social sciences; international relations, etc
- Seminar Presentations on Book Self-Publishing, i.e.
- Our overall book self-publishing services -


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