Book Self-Publishing: Get a Write-To-Publish Coach for a Change

Are you seeking to self-publish a book?

Do you need help in getting your book completed? now offers a"Write to Publish" Coach service.

They can help you prepare and produce high quality designed books with the same quality of a multi-million and billion dollar corporate trade publisher.

They can also review your manuscript and give you tips on book self-publishing considerations. can also get you the Professional Typesetting required to get your book that professional look for bookstores like Chapters, Indigo and in the States, Barnes and Noble,

Self-Published books that look like a homemade job printed from a doc file on a laser printer can expect to sell no more than 50 copies.

Get also eBook published.

Their extended services include -

- Book Distribution into Chapters / Indigo (and the U.S and abroad)
- Marketing / Book Distribution into Libraries across Canada and internationally
- Marketing / Book Distribution to Educational Organizations
- Book Distribution to Online Booksellers
- Business Consulting - Advice / Legal issues of setting-up own publishing company, etc
- Dissemination of Detailed Bibliographic Data to International Online Booksellers including, Blackwells, etc
- Paid Book Reviews marketed / published on our Blogs -
- Lobbying / Coordinating Interviews by Journalists - Radio / TV / Newspapers / Blogs
- Setting up Authors Blogs and Book Websites
- SEO and Search Engine Marketing for Author Websites
- Promotional Products for Author Signings, i.e. Cups. Aprons, T-shirts, etc
- YouTube video Testimonials / Social Media Marketing
- Whiteboard Animation -
- Bilingual and Multilingual Copy Editing - Includes French
- Trade Publisher Quality Typesetting Management / Graphic Design
- Video production and video editing
- Developmental / Stylistic Editing / Peer Review in areas which include Canadian history, politics, social sciences; international relations, etc
- Seminar Presentations on Book Self-Publishing, i.e.
- Our overall book self-publishing services -


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