5 Book Self-publishing Tips

The number of rejections from publishers is growing and many authors are taking to self-publishing on www.agorapublishing.com as a means of taking their destinies in their own hands. Several authors have made a fortune through self-publication and a good example is Nick Spalding, one of UK’s bestselling self-published authors. 

A few years ago, Amazon mentioned that fifteen percent of Kindle sales on their platform is coming from authors without book deals. Achieving such a feat in a crowded field is not an easy task but the following tips should make the stairs less steep for you.  

1. Take it slow and steady

“Self-publishing is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Hugh Howey, the best-selling author of Wool series. When you are done writing your first story, don't be in a haste to promote it. Sit back in your chair and write more. The moment you begin to promote your work, you will have less time for writing. Nick Spalding advises that you should not be in a hurry to quit your day job because the industry is very erratic. You can be a sensation for one month and nothing the next. Keep your day job until you have signed a major deal. He quit his day job after signing a contract with Hodder & Stoughton. 

2. It is up to you to promote your work

Publishers will promote your work but when you take the solo path, it is up to you to create the awareness. Best-selling writer, Bella Andre, took a week to send a personal email to all those who have ever sent her a mail in the past five years the moment her first self-published story was released. Spalding suggests that you should have a social media presence. However, you should not go to your social media and bug your readers to “buy your book”. Talk about your life, your challenges, and your interests and chip in little details about your book. If you are invited for a book signing, seize the opportunity to identify with your readers.

3. Don’t let obstacle weigh you down

Self-publication is not a smooth ride down an express. You will encounter bumps from inside and from outside. Barbara Freethy, the author of over twenty self-published romance books, mentioned that she has been in a situation where she has been tempted to quit in the middle of her story because there is another story in her head that seems more exciting. Spalding recalls reading bad reviews while rocking back and forth on his chair. His only consolation coming from the popular phrase, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. No matter how much you try, you will never be able to please all your readers. But, if you put out a book and over a short period it garners a lot of negative reviews, there is a huge chance that you are getting something wrong. 

4. Keep an open mind to ideas

As a self-published author, you have to realize that you cannot do everything yourself. Be open to ideas. A successful romance writer, Jasina Wilder mentioned that she often hires a cover artist but would work directly with the artist to make sure the art portrays the vision of the book. The same applies to an editor. You have to take ownership of the final work. Spalding thinks an editor is still a good commodity. The ultimate goal of every writer is to have their books read and any avenue used to achieve this goal is highly welcomed. 

5. Expand your knowledge

Stephanie Bond is of the opinion that writers need to learn more than just how to write. When upcoming writers ask her which courses to take between English and Creative writing, she replies, “Business Classes”. Spalding suggests that upcoming writers read “On Writing” by Stephen King. 


When it comes to self-publishing, Agorapublishing.com is the best choice because they let you be in control of your book. You will get the help from top-notch editors who will work step by step with you until your book is ready to be published. You can leverage the popularity of www.agorapublishing.com to get your book to a wider audience. A combination of these edges you closer to a successful self-publishing journey.


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