Buffalo Writers Go Canadian With Book Self-Publishing in Western New York State

The challenge many Buffalo writers in western, New York, have faced hitherto is that of getting their manuscript published. If you are part of Buffalo writers experiencing this setback, you have a reason to smile. Agora Publishing is here with interesting offers to help Buffalo writers get their manuscript published – and reap the full benefits of their intellectual property.

Buffalo writers who know little about book self-publishing can contact Agora Books for a free session of book self-publishing information. Buffalo writers can meet-up in person or through Skype and have their confusion sorted out.

Pre-marketing strategies

It is not enough to write a book. Without an effective marketing strategy, self-publishing can be a lead cause of frustration. Buffalo writers who choose Agora as their self-publishing option will benefit from their pre-marketing strategies. To capture the market in this digital age, the author needs to explore all the possible digital platforms.

For a minimal fee, Agora publishing can help Buffalo writers with the design of their book cover as well as multiple images. The role of a good book cover to sales of paperbacks and e-books cannot be overemphasized. A great book cover is often the factor that separates a bestselling book from one that gets only a few copies.

Besides a great book cover, Buffalo writers can get their author website linked to their social networks making it easier for them to promote their book. Agora also helps authors to get ISBN registration for free. Buffalo writers will also be guided to create a YouTube book promo video.

Other free services Buffalo writers can enjoy when they partner with Agora include book publicist services, book agency services, book distribution negotiations and media relations.

Manuscript production and setting

When you are done writing your manuscript it is important to have a second eye to have a look at it. Buffalo writers who have just completed their manuscript can rely on the peer review and basic level copy editing offered by Agora at the lowest possible rate to get their book ready for publication.

Typographical or grammatical errors are the basic issues that can end your reputation as a writer. If a reader invests in one of your books and discovers it is filled with errors, there is a limited chance that they will not take the risk to invest in any future titles from you.

The look of your book is also important. If your book is not properly formatted, readers will have a difficult time reading your book on mobile devices. Agora is poised to assist Buffalo writers with typesetting their book and adjusting the layout to a format that will give a befitting reader experience.

Softcopy versus hardcopy

Buffalo writers will have to choose between publishing in hardcopy or softcopy. Either of them has their pros and cons. Publishing in softcopy will help the writer to cut the cost of publication. Hardcopy publication, on the other hand, is very durable.


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