Chicago Writers Look to Canada for Better Book Self-Publishing

Canada is witnessing an influx of writers from Chicago who are looking for better deals for their self-publication. One of the Canadian publishing firms that stand out when it comes to self-publishing is Agora Books. No time has book self-publishing been easier for Chicago writers like in our current age especially through the partnership with such a Canadian book self-publishing service.

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and is famous for its architecture. The sophistication of this city makes it difficult to cut the cost of publication. Chicago writers can save cost by publishing with a Canadian firm. Such a partnership will also expose them to a wide audience from home and abroad. There is a lot that Chicago writers can achieve by dealing with Canadian book self-publishing services. Some of them are listed below.

1. Spike their book sales

Notwithstanding that Chicago is a large city, a writer who publishes here will still have a limited readership. By publishing with a Canadian firm, Chicago writers tend to expand their readership. Publishing houses like market books to an international audience too, making it easier for a writer to achieve bestselling status.

2. Make better publishing decision

In the quest for a better deal, Chicago writers have to realize that it is better to publish digitally than in prints. The latter should be secondary and only come on demand. The advantage of selling your book digitally is that it helps you to regulate the price without accruing any loss. Formatting cover design and pages of print is more difficult and costly and would likely spike the cost of your book which could scare potential readers away.

Choosing between the numerous publishing options can be a daunting experience for writers. Besides choosing the right publishing option, the partnership with Canada book self-publishing services can also help a writer to determine the right genre for their work.

3. Keeping up with quality

Chicago writers are hoping that Canadian book self-publishing services like is Agora Books will assist them to keep up with the quality of their work. No matter how good you are as an author, a few typos and grammatical errors may still pass under your nose. Canada book self-publishing services have tools that can assist you to spot these errors.

Canadian book self-publishing services also have a dedicated team manning their customer care portals whom Chicago writers can easily talk to get their queries resolved in a speedy time. This might include hiring an editor or a proofreader for a secondary check to make sure everything is perfect. Maintaining a high quality work is still the only way you can gain reputation in the industry.

4. Layout and copyright issues

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to self-publication, your readers will definitely judge your book by its cover. Canada book self-publishing services like will help you to define what constitutes a good layout and design. From the cover to the font size to the line spacing and page numbering, all the different book elements have to be in concordance.

Canada book self-publishing services will also help you to sort out your copyright issues. Many self-published authors take the issue of copyright lightly thereby exposing their works to be pirated. will help you get an ISBN for your book as well as get it copyright protected giving you the legal right to sue pirates.

There are other benefits offered by Canadian book self-publishing services like royalties and contracts which are making Chicago writers run to Canada for a better offer. You too can be part of these benefits too. 


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