Moncton Writers: Get Excited about Book Self-Publishing Alternative

‘Publish or perish’ they say. This cliché implies that publishing is the only way to stay relevant as a writer. Going by that popular saying, it is easy to imagine the number of authors that have ‘perished’ because they were unable to get a publications chance with traditional publishers.

That said, it is easy to imagine the excitement of Moncton writers about the presence of book self-publishing services. is not just a world-class publishing house that is passionately committed to sharing your great ideas; the new self-publishing service is now a guarantee that your work will not be confined to a particular state or country.

The self-publishing alternatives offered by Agora gives Moncton writers the chance to steer their writing career just the direction. There is also another popular saying that, “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. No matter how much you try, it is impossible to get everyone to like your book. Remember J.K. Rowling's ‘Harry Potter’ was rejected by several publishers too. With self-publishing, Moncton writers can now take their chance with their draft hoping that it would attract the right audience. There are several ways book self-publishing alternatives will help you to deal with publishing challenges.

1. Boost your confidence

It’s heartbreaking how some traditional publishers consider beginners’ manuscripts a risk. Some of them don’t think you are an economically viable option for them to throw in their money forgetting that it takes great confidence on the part of the writer to show their manuscript to a second eye. The reason for this is simple: you have not engraved your writing prowess in the sand of time. No one really knows and trusts you at this time, except you. Self-publishing your manuscript would not only make you more visible to traditional publishers but also increases your confidence – especially if you get a good number of positive reviews from your readers.

2. Build reputation

The truth is, nothing sells a book like influence. When it comes to selling a published work, influence is the key. Publishing houses will be more than willing to stake their money on you if you have a good reputation. Self-publishing is an easy route to build your writing reputation. If you have a large social media follower count, sharing the link to your book and occasionally posting excerpts from your book if one of the ways you can grab the interest of your followers. The power of retweets and hashtags has made it possible that if a hundred or more followers like your book they can make you the trending topic and a celebrity in a blink of an eye. There are successful self-published authors that later take up writing contracts with traditional publishers. If you are eager to publish with a traditional publisher you can have a better chance at swaying their judgment with a good reputation.

3. Grow your knowledge

Successful self-published authors who wish to be sincere will make you understand that it is never an easy journey. Promoting your book to get the attention it deserves is almost as hard as getting the manuscript ready. Many successful self-published authors today have multiple streams of income – and it is not just a coincidence. The desired to break into the market often make many writers go into in-depth financial education. The knowledge acquired in the process does not only help them to achieve their desired marketing goal but also play out in other spheres of their life. Agora Publishing also offers hints to self-published authors that can make their book standout, increasing its chance of being discovered. 


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