Vermont Writers Look to Canada for Book Self-Publishing

Vermont writers can now take advantage of book self-publishing to beat the incessant rejections suffered at the hands of traditional publishers. Vermont has been praised as one of the safest states in the United States. However, its small size and population also mean limited opportunities for writers.

The proximity of Vermont to the north of Canada presents writers in this area the opportunity to look to Canada for book self-publishing. Agora Publishing is one of the book self-publishing companies that is currently positioned to assist Vermont writers to achieve their dream of becoming bestselling authors. There is an array of ways through which Agora helps Canadian and international writers achieve their goal including;


Vermont writers who already have their book self-published will quickly discover that getting readers to buy the book is not always an easy task. Agora helps writers boost their sales through SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The two terms, SEM and SEO do not mean the same thing. They both take a different approach to achieving the same result. While the former uses the search engine to advertise your author website, the latter is aimed at providing organic search.

SEO works by placing frequently searched keywords in your book descriptions and subtitles. When readers search for these keywords your book will be among the top results thereby increasing the likelihood that a reader might want to click on it.


SEO and SEM are not the only ways assists Vermont writers. They have an editorial committee made up of professionals that will review your book and get advertorials placed in local newspapers, websites, and magazines. Aggressive publicity is usually the best way for a new author to have his/her name in the limelight.

The use of advertorials has a long history. Its proven record of boosting sales is the reason why it has remained relevant among businesses – often chosen in favor of other advertising options. the goal is either to create publicity on the book title or on the author. Vermont writers seeking for publicity will have to decide if they want to promote their name or their book title. Promoting your name is usually a better option if you have more than one published titles.

Book distribution

Agora, interestingly, is a non-profit charitable-oriented book distributor. They help local and international authors and publishers to distribute their book and other publications. They also allow authors to use their medium to display their books and get the desired publicity. Vermont writers can seize this opportunity to boost their sales.

Benefits of book self-publishing to Vermont writers

There are numerous benefits of self-publication. Some of them are obvious. For example, an author that has been finding it difficult to please the editors of a traditional publishing house can still have their rejected manuscript published. Traditional publishers also schedule their books for publication. The author has little control regards the time the book will become available to the public. The entire publication process can be sped up when n author decides to take the direction of self-publication.

Rights and royalties

One of the less obvious benefits of self-publication is retaining the rights to your titles. When authors publish with a traditional publisher, they are often made to sign away part of the rights to the book including distribution. The joy of getting published after maybe a hundred rejections blinds the author from properly ascertaining the deal. With self-publishing, the author keeps all the rights and majority of the royalties. There is more to self-publication that Vermont writers can learn by partnering with Agora publishing.


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