Halifax Book Self-Publishing Services Offers SEO Boost to Writers and Companies Alike

If you think that your author name and the book title is enough to get your book to the bestselling status, you are one hundred percent wrong. As a self-published author, you are competing with big publishing houses as well as big-name authors. One way to spin the odds in your favor is using SEO tools.

Halifax writers have a great reason to rejoice. Self-published authors who do not already have a name can raise the awareness of their book and increase sales in the process by using the SEO boost offered by Agora Publishing and other self-publishing services that are now in Halifax.

What is Author SEO?

If it is your first shot at publication, it is unlikely that anyone knows your name or the name of your new book. So, it is unlikely that anyone would be searching for your name or the name of your book. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the use of short phrases and keywords that people regularly search for when looking for a solution to a particular topic.

SEO is a technique used to increase the visibility of your book on self-publishing platforms or the visibility of your author website which are both instrumental to a great sale. Some readers search randomly for keywords when they want a new book. The secret with random readers is that they usually do not go beyond the first page of the search engine.

The SEO boost offered AgoraPublishing.com to Halifax writers will help you to get your book to the top results of search engines increasing that the likelihood that a random reader looking for something fun to read in your genre would stumble on your book. There are different ways you can boost your book using SEO and these include;

1. Book description

A one-word story title (or at best a few words) will not get you anywhere. What you need is to identify the words or phrases people search often. There are different tools you can use to find the frequently searched words or phrases. Make a list of all the frequently searched words or phrases and include them in your book description. If you already have a book description written, re-write them to include the keywords. A salient SEO addition to your book can be in the form of including a subtitle to your book.

2. Optimized author profile

Many authors don’t have a marketing strategy or plan. Some even think that growing a social media circle is the perfect marketing strategy – but is that the right platform? It is important to have an optimized website. Yeost plugin is one of the tools that can be used to achieve this but you have to take your time to learn how it works and be willing to put in the desired work.

The technique is basically similar when you have a website. You still need to make a research on the frequently used keywords and include them in a content geared towards educating and attracting the interest of readers. The general idea is to create relationships with your readers rather than focus on selling your product. Halifax book self-publishing services like AgoraPublishing.com are here to make your self-publication a hassle-free experience. 


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