Book Self-Publishing: Toronto Gets Group to Help Black and Minority Authors

There's a new group in Toronto launched to help support the publishing activities of black and minority communities that have often been marginalized and discriminated against by Toronto's book publishing elites.

Black & Minority Book Self-Publish Toronto seeks to bring together black and other authors from minority groups in Toronto who have been frustrated by the traditional world of corporatized book publishing and now seek to expedite the publishing of their manuscripts through book self-publishing. They also seek to bring together black writers who have recently published but seek professional networking which will boost their marketing success.

So, if your efforts to publish your manuscript have been published by systemic discrimination in the book publishing industry and you're in Toronto, you might wish to check out Black & Minority Book Self-Publish Toronto. is a not-for-profit organization which provides writers with many book self-publishing services in Toronto.

For quick help, you can add 'agoracosmopolitan' to your Skype ID.


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