America's Breast Phobia: A Dialogue

I don’t think it’s sexist at all to state that Americans have a breast obsession/phobia. I also believe that we’re the worst culprits of breast criticism, censorship and mutilation. Why are breasts punished for being natural and beautiful? Why am I punished for loving them? 

 I believe we are socially conditioned to aide in concealing the breasts for 2 reasons - and while it may seem contradictory - I think we’re the unpaid servants of breast censorship because breasts can be used for power. Nice, loyal, unthinking people carry on the social programming to keep breasts hidden, to spread the ludicrous fear of them. This is due to corrupt religion’s knowledge that if people begin to use female mammaries for rallying purposes, it’s game over. Simallarly - religion tied to government works at strategically keeping us addicted to breasts by allowing slips once in a while. They keep the mounds concealed so that they are even MORE powerful, of course that power is only wielded by those that know how to focus attention on them @ the right times, the MSM. 

So - the summer of love and the late 60s/ early 70s was an amazing time for sexual expression and liberation. This was 7 years after the Vietnam war commenced. It’s been 7 years since the iraq war began. I believe that all the counter-war efforts were the main passion of the people behind that era. I feel like we’re getting close to a second coming.

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