Same Sex Marriages: Moral, Legal and Ethical Effects


Moral Effects of Same Sex Marriage

The ability to train a child to love the same sex is not the only moral effect same sex marriage can produce. The act of legalizing marriage will dramatically affect the moral views religions like catholic will have to address in order to remain a positive part of society. Many institutions will be forced to handle the fact that same sex marriages are legal and that showing a bias toward them in an act of illegal discrimination. Even though we are considered a secular society showing equality to all individuals, these moral issues are a major part of why same sex marriages were never considered a rightful act thousands of years ago (Nathanson, 2012).

After considering this introductory factor to the family experience, many more moral issues begin to arise. Raising children in a same sex parental environment is a leading moral issue amongst those against same sex marriages. In terms of statistics these children remain within the general populations averages for heterosexual to homosexual tendencies, so it does not make them gay being in this environment. There are signs that gay marriages have a higher divorce rate and that it may provide a societal influence take could lead to a more polygamous society (, 2012). 

Legal Effects of Same Sex Marriage

The crazy idea that friends would get married to avoid legal issues or solve them is not understated in this controversial topic. Currently six states have laws banning same sex marriages. Those states that are passing laws and also amending constitutions are showing that being gay is just the same as being another human being. Those that still have not made steps toward legally accepting same sex relationships are doing so to protect the institution of marriage. Either way many laws will be affected when same sex marriages are allowed based on the constitution and not the other way around.  The fundamental premise is that we have those fighting for the rights of humans and those fighting for the rights of ancestral tradition. Laws must change with this conflict and the current push is to give back the human rights and abolish the old ways (, 2012).

Ethical Effects of Same Sex Marriage

Much like the civil rights movement did, the acceptance of change of how society behaves towards a different sect of human culture can produce tremendous tension and turmoil. As same sex marriages are happening across the United States so are hate crimes toward gays and lesbians. In the early 1990’s it was a bad word to say lesbian in public. Today it is required in the workplace to not discriminate against those who are openly lesbian, showing how much has changed already in terms of ethics.

Now the ethics are running through the veins of American society. Many media sources are using the homosexual experience and lifestyle as a new cultural trend which is improving the modern family’s ethical behavior. Many legal issues are being addressed like tax return for couples married in states that allow same sex marriage but living in a different state where they are not recognized as legal. Even small children have to ethically accept transgender and homosexual behaviors in peers.


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