Tips on How to Play The ‘Dirty Talk Game’ Without Sounding Weird

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Or maybe you're constantly exhausted with your hectic job and missing physical intimacy with your partner? Whatever your reason, you're about to discover an amazing way to spice up your sex life.

Now, it may sound a bit awkward and somewhat corny, however, it is one of the amazing ways to enjoy physical pleasure without actually getting physical. Well, no need second guessing; we are talking about phone sex, and it is a great way to spice up your sex life.

Well, are you feeling shy and unsure about initiating phone sex? Then the following tips should help you steer the ship perfectly.

1.  Prepare beforehand

While phone sex should come naturally, first timers are advised to do a little prep-up beforehand. The main aim is to have a memorable experience, so maybe prepare a list of things you want to do. Also, let your sex toys and erotic outfits be ready for that call.

Make sure that you and your partner are equally prepared for it and you can also discuss what you are expecting to happen during the phone sex before you even start.

2.  Give yourself as much privacy as you can

Privacy is extremely important during phone sex. You wouldn't want anyone storming into your room or listening to your conversation. This can ruin the mood, make you extremely uncomfortable and eventual eliminate the benefits of engaging in the act.

3.  Always give life to the conversation

Phone sex is an extremely safe option to satisfy your sexual urges, but can die off more quickly than you thought. To get the most out of it and avoid killing the vibe, establish enough trust with your partner and utilize your brain in turning the experience into an incredible heated session.

Be an integral part of the conversation and watch your mood change drastically.

4.  Never place a limit on yourself

Unlike physical intimacy, over the phone, you're free to say whatsoever you want, as the lack of physical contact breeds confidence.

So, never limit yourself by holding back on those fantasies. Phone sex gives you the green light to go all out with them and discuss all those things you wouldn't normally do with your partner.

5.  The raunchier, the better

Just like stated above, there are no restriction on words, giving you access to say whatever you desire. The more detailed and raunchy you are, the more vivid the picture you're painting in your partner's head becomes. Utilize everything in your word bank to amplify the sexual tension. Get dirty and erotic with your moans, pleas and requests. This would guarantee heightened pleasure from creating a more sexual experience.


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