New Cricket: Bowlers should target Stumps and LBW


Bowlers are the backbone of cricket. But bowlers are made underdogs to perform pro-batboy gimmicks on the fields. They are made to worry more about helping their baboys in making a "good runs" record than minimizing the run score of the opponents- both individually and team wise. They seem to enjoy offering space for many expansive big shots so that the position of their own batboys become difficult when they come to bat.

ICC deliberates promotes the show of batboys and reduce the importance of bowlers as the core cricketers. So much if a team does not have a batboy who does not secure at least one 100 plus the crazy people become unhappy. The cricket world has created batboys by mere scheming and other forms of mischief.

One thing has been proven time and again . When bowlers become too serious about their job, the result could be quick wickets at regular intervals as it happens occasionally. Most batboys end up with zero to 20 runs. That is the real competition in cricket even as an entertainment or reality show.

Generally, bowlers count the runs each offers per over. So, it is not out of ignorance or error that bowlers offer big scores. It is ably clear in last overs when bowlers are expected to reduce the runs and control the run rate offer too many runs pretending to be tricking the batboys for their wickets. It is amusing that even after 5 or 6 or 7 wickets n 20/20 format the bowlers still want all their wickets and offer more big runs to increase the run rate very high. What will they do with all the wickets if they lose the match? On the contrary, if the bowlers control run rate and reduce the run flow even without picking up wickets they are likely to win. But that does not happen. The bowlers want some wickets, for what?

It is common knowledge that when the batboys do not get quick runs they place themselves under pressure leading to losing the wickets regularly. Take the Pakistani cricketers/bowlers: they want all 10 wickets and want to lose all wickets a good number of them prefer to runout towards the end. That is a serious psychological problem.

So, the task of bowlers and fielders is to reduce the runs for every batboy. It is not that once first 3 or 4 wickets are taken, go slow and offer good runs to others. That is funny.. .

Indian bowlers have been fully exposed now in Australia as the useless team as they refused to contain the run flow or stop big 300 plus to even for return favours and after first 3 quick wickets by Zahir Khan In fact it appeared Indian bowlers a were eager to give as many runs as the Australian captain and his mate wanted, but they declared very early.

If a bat-boy gets 50 plus that signifies weakness of the bowler department and when 100 plus is offered that is abnormal and shows emptiness of bowlers’ ability. Bowlers should be fully committed and hence reckless and not to be positive to benefit some cricket-boys. But India offers 300 plus and refuses to target the stumps what would you call them as?

Match fixing or sport fixing?

You can’t call Indians match fixers, you know!

By the way, the bowlers should target Stumps and LBW.

Fielders should practice catch and stumps-throw from different sides and ankles - at least for a few months right now. Fielders should not hesitate make a few steps to catch the balls instead of expecting the ball to come directly into their hands wherever they are.

The present practice of batboy-centered cricket must undergo reform sooner than later..

The bowlers have their assignment cut out. Bowlers who bowl first generally are told to be "considerate" about the plight of their own batboys when they come to bat next and not allowed to do their job. But Bowlers are not supposed to worry about what would happen to their own batboys when they come to bat. Poor and problematic bat-boys, like India's one and only cricketer Tendulakar, considered by many Parliamentarians and assembly members as a major Hindu god, need replacement so that cricket survives and lives.

The bowling should be simply outstanding though some of the choice of shots could turn out to be poor. Frankly, every ball should be bowled for a wicket and not for fun or runs. It should be that at least a wicket in every over should be the order of cricket o that even 20 plus runs should be very difficult for batboys.

Efforts and training in bowling are important. But only a few bowlers do their job very consistently. Bowlers like Australian Zyon, South African Morne Morkel and even Styn are now very hopelessly costly players offering too many runs without targeting the stumps. It is obvious they are asked by the captains or coaches or mafia not to bowl to the stumps and unnecessarily take their wickets.

Crash bowling,used by bowlers like Srilankan L. Malinga can restrict runs and get wickets, if used with variations. In fact there is some tension when this technique is employed. New bowlers should try this crash method.

An Observation

Test cricket with two innings to boost the image of batboys cannot be but be bogus. Those who are not offered "enough" runs in the first innings are taken care of in the second innings. Only recently the trend looks changing towards somewhat real with bowler centered cricket.

No cricketer can play international cricket for more than 5 years. This will encourage new faces and new tactics. .

It has been a practice for the cricketers to welcome the new comers by helping them with some "fantastic" setting in runs or wickets so that the media report it as debut achievement. Similarly, special runs or wickets are also offered to select cricketers on the personal events like marriage, birth day, or something like that. It is also observed that some bat-boys simply give away their wickets to their favourites.

Sometimes, wickets fall default, out of some unexpected error on the part of bat-boys.

All these are illegal and immoral. Players at international level must earn their runs or wickets on their own and boldly reject the services of mafias. Skippers should decide who should take whose wicket because bowlers just waste the balls for nothing. The last 3 or 4 wickets are almost freely available.

That is why each team should have only 5 or 6 boys to bat while all of them can field, keep or bowl.

A crucial suggestion is, to repeat it again here, to do away with boundary bonus runs 6s and 4s and let the batboys make their runs only by running between the wickets. If the ball cross the boundary directly into the crowds perhaps one runs could be given. Other wise 4s and 6s are illegal and extra ridiculous.

Another important concern is about test cricket itself. Test cricket is fake with its two innings to let the batboys score big runs alternatively. The two innings are farce. First of all ICC must make one innings match and then gradually drop the test gimmicks in favour of more, credible form of cricket. This doe snot mean 20/20 could be the best option. Of course, not. That is explosively fake with 6s and 4s and the bowlers seek only wickets no matter how many runs he leaks for a wicket . What will they do with wickets when after 100 plus a batboy throws away his wicket and without success?

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Dr. Abdul Ruff,
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