Toronto Blue Jays Relief Pitcher Fouls-Up Season Opener


Who does the Blue Jays think their kiddin’ with Sergio Santos? In all my years of watching baseball, never have I seen a worse performance by a so-called “closer“. Have you?

Mr. Santos treated fans with a wild pitch, and a total lack of general control on the mound in front of a sold out Rogers Centre. What team could have lost against the Blue Jays with pitching like that?

The Blue Jays desperately wanted a successful showing for the 48,473 fans who crammed into Rogers Centre Monday night to welcome home the Boys of Summer.

The Blue Jays were looking sharp for the Home Opener in their new uniforms that are inspired by the uniforms that they had won two World Series. We Blue Jays fans by and large had been alienated for years by that awful look Paul Godfrey and co. had tried to foist on our team. It is therefore too bad indeed Sergio Santos spoiled the festive mood by throwing stinkers that allowed the Red Sox to emerge with a late 4-2 victory in the nineth inning. It was the second time this season that Santos has blown a save.

Sergio Santos totally ruined what was an otherwise solid starting assignment from Toronto’s Henderson Alvarez, at 21 the youngest Blue Jays pitcher to ever start a home opener. Alvarez looked cool and poised. He pitched a solid six innings while allowing just four Boston hits and one run.

It is apparent that the next time Mr. Santos plays ought to be in the Minor Leagues, where he can hopefully develop some of Alavarez’s poise and focus on the mound. Mr. Santos might have great movement on his fastball, but Spring Training is over. How many more late-inning meltdowns is Mr. Santos going to provide our team for the rest of the season?

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