NHL: Time for an all Canadian hockey league


With no end to the NHL lockout, we should look to the CFL as an example of what Canada should be doing for hockey.  What if we created an only Canadian team’s league?  We would not have to worry every 5-10 years if there is going to be a lockout.  A league that would emphasize our national pride, hockey.  With pros and cons to such a league, would it be beneficial?

Canada is a hockey hotbed.  There are numerous cities that would host a team that would otherwise never have a professional hockey team because of NHL politics.  Halifax, Regina, Hamilton, London, Moose Jaw would all more than likely host a team.  Canadians would come out to support such a league but would they be okay with the idea of changing tradition?

I believe in time they would come to accept a new tradition.  At some point, most traditions cease to exist, so a new one must be started.  All we Canadians care about is seeing our favourite hockey players on the ice.  We are tired of hearing the owners bickering about the players and the players bickering about the owners all in the name of the "Benjamin", the mighty U.S. dollar.

An all Canadian league would remove the making millions side that is ruining the NHL.  Look at the CFL, they aren't millionaires but they play in a successful all Canadian league.  The CFL is a very exciting brand of football at a supreme discount compared to NFL games.  You never have to worry about lockouts or empty seats.  You watch interviews of the players, they are passionate about the league.  When you listen to NFL players, it's all about themselves, their stats.

Could an all Canadian Professional Hockey League be successful?  Without a doubt but selling the idea to Canadians could pose a problem.  Once we can get over the traditions of the NHL, the league could thrive and could be the dominate league in the world.  Gathering sponsors, filling seats and getting teams will not be a difficult task.  Who knew the CFL had a winning formula that could be used towards other sports.

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