Cupcake Wars: The worst week of college football in recent memory

The first week of 2016 NCAAF season was marked by top-tier matchups like Notre Dame-Texas, Ole Miss-Florida State, USC-Alabama, Houston-Oklahoma, and UNC-Georgia. There were four games played between Top 25 teams during the first week of the season. Additionally, six other Top 25 teams played schools from other Power Five conferences.

All things considered, it was the perfect start to the college football season.

According to Matt Yoder: “It’s like Roger Goodell made the schedule so as to not distract from the start of the NFL season.”

There are no matchups between Top 25 teams in Week 2. In fact, this week might as well be an episode of Cupcake Wars. Here’s a list of teams that are playing the Top 10 in the country (No. 7 Stanford has a bye):

Western Kentucky, Troy, Charleston Southern, Tulsa, UCF, Lamar, Idaho, Nicholls, Akron.

Most of those schools are so far off the radar that they aren’t even candidates for Big 12 expansion!

There are only five games between Top 25 teams and power conference schools. So this is your list of the top games in Week 2 of college football. It’s not exactly a collection of games that will have you glued to your television screens, so you may want to spend one last Saturday doing some outdoor home improvement projects or doing something crazy like spending time with friends or family.

#13 Louisville at Syracuse (Friday night)

#15 TCU vs Arkansas

#16 Iowa vs Iowa State

#17 Tennessee vs Virginia Tech (Bristol Motor Speedway)

#24 Oregon vs Virginia