Witness reports UFO-EBE sighting in Australia

Location. New South Wales, Australia (exact location not given)
Date: February 18 2009
Time: night

The witness had gone on her usual walk with her dog around the local race course and noticed a ‘small man’ standing about 200 meters away from her. She didn’t notice at first but then as she got closer he started to wave. She walked up to the 5foot man and started talking about the weather.

The little man then asked her if she had seen any shooting stars in the night sky that night, puzzled she looked at him and he started laughing as though it was an inside joke.

He told him that she regularly see them on her nightly walks. As she threw the ball for her dog to fetch she noticed a shiny blue/silver object over the other side of the lake, possibly a craft of some sort. Shortly after noticing the craft the small 5foot tall man, who looked very human, threw the ball for her dog, incredibly the ball went about 500 metres and her dog bolted after it. She looked in shock at the small man and commented on his strength. He laughed and thanked her. They then talked a little about dogs and then something strange happened, a thick layer of fog started to engulf them making it impossible to see where her dog was, the craft like object was covered with the fog as well.

At the thought of loosing her dog she ran into the fog looking for him. After a few moments he came waving his tail and she felt relieved. She turned to walk in the direction of the 5 foot tall man but he was nowhere in sight. She looked around for a few minutes and then walked over to where the ‘silvery craft’ had been, it was also gone but she found some crushed grass at the site. (Unfortunately there is no additional description of the small man).

Source: http://mufoncms.com

internet site reference: http://www.ufoinfo.com

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