UFO Disclosure Movement linked to Manipulative Extraterrestrial-inspired cults


Could various members of the UFO Disclosure movement be victims of regressive alien mind control?

The video above indicates that evidence much for the UFO Disclosure Movement may be working for disinformation interests or UFO/alien cults that are controlled by Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

The UFO Disclosure Movement's systematized igorning of abduction phenonema is cited as a pivotal evidence of infiltration by what Dr. Michael Salla refers to as MIEC or the "Manipulative Extraterrestrial Industrial Complex" of interests.

Much of the UFO Disclosure Movement has claimed that aliens in UFO as "humanity's saviours".  It was Dr. John Lash's research on ancient Pagan Gnostics which link the "saviour" messages from alien operatives on Earth as being the messages of Manipulative Extraterrestrials that seek to enslave us, as humans.

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"Aliens" do mentally manipulate key political and religious leaders for their own purposes. The problem is that UFOs are not all flown by true extraterrestrials, the majority of them are owned and operated by our advanced Repto Sapien cousins, who share the Earth with us as their ancestral home world. They are historically cited in about 80 places in the Bible, being described as a SERPENT THAT WALKS UPRIGHT ON TWO LEGS AND IS AS TALL AS A CAMEL (8 FEET TALL). There are statues and temple paintings of them in nearly every ancient society. This has nothing to do with "religious beliefs." It is a proven historical and archaeological fact. That's why I wrote a book showing all of the real world evidence.

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WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution requires international solidarity, then forcible negotiation with the aliens.

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