Extraterrestrial Archons and Mind Control perpetuate Fukushima


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Contactees of Cosmic Human Extraterrestrial suggest that Fukushima is being perpetuated by Manipulative Extraterrestrial archons which operate through human elites. Robert S. Stanley testifies that he was witnessed the activities of archons, and the perpetuation of global problems like Fukushima, has been the result of the kinds of activities that he has observed and filmed.

Alfred Lambremont Webre documents that journalist and author Robert M. Stanley has assembled over 900 reported UFO and extraterrestrial sightings of the past 160 years in his book Covert Encounters in Washington, DC -- the largest assembly of Washington, DC-based UFO/ET sightings in history.

Mr. Stanley reveals in an exclusive August 3, 2011 ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that this record number of 900 UFO and ET cases have led him to the inescapable conclusion that Washington DC is a major interdimensional portal for an attempted takeover by interdimensional negative entities, including negative grey and reptilian UFO/ETs.

Mr. Stanley concludes that this negative interdimensional faction is aligned to attempt to prevent humanity’s evolution, and is mind-controlling New World Order (NWO) controller elites and institutions like the U.S. government toward this end.

What, if any, have been the messages of apparent relatively ethical Extraterrestrials?

Alex Collier claims to be among those of us, as humans, who have been in contact with relatively ethical Extraterrestrials. Mr. Collier claims that lower-dimensional aliens infiltrated our human time-space; then travelled back in time, to selectively alter human history. Our present therefore would reflect an altered state of reality produced from the regressive alien species that went back in time to perpetrate an interdimensional war against Earthbound humans.

Alex Collier is not the only Earthbound human who has claimed to have received messages from relatively Ethical Extraterrestrials.

In the book Extraterrestrial Friends and Foes George C. Andrews contains a very specific message from another human species that has apparently been seeking to warn humanity of the Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their “human clone vessels” which pursue an ongoing interdimensional war against intergalactic communities of human species. The alleged message originates from a human species called “Procyons”.

Dr. Michael Salla writes that Procyon is a binary star system about 11.4 light years from Earth. According to Andrews, the Procyon was flourishing until it became embroiled in sinister effort by the same Manipulative Extraterrestrials that Alex Collier links to an Extraterrestrial War that Alex Collier describes, that was apparently “wiped’ from human consciousness due to their time travel that affected human consciousness of events. “Khyla” is the name of a Procyon human described by George C. Andrews that transmitted the following message to warn Earthbound humans of the challenges that face us, as humans, as a result of the interdimensional war described by Alex Collier. Kyla apparently described the process adopted by “the Grays” in their subversion of Procyon:

“The Grays began to visit us, first a few as ambassadors, then as specialists in various domains where their expertise could be useful to us, as participants in different programs that involved mutual collaboration, and finally as tourists. What had begun as a trickle became a flood, as they came in ever-increasing numbers, slowly but surely infiltrating our society at all levels, penetrating even the most secret of our elite power groups….”

Khyla continues:

“Just as on your planet they began by unobtrusively gaining control over key members of the CIA and KGB through techniques unknown to them, such as telepathic hypnosis that manipulates the reptilian levels of the brain, so on Procyon through the same techniques … they established a kind of telepathic hypnotic control over our leaders. Over our leaders and over almost all of us, because it was as if we were under a spell that was leading us to our doom, as if we were being programmed by a type of ritual black magic that we did not realize existed.”

Dr. Michael Salla further documents in exopolitics.org that Khyla went on to describe the eventual take over of Procyon by “the Grays” and the enslavement of most Procyons that did not escape.

Dr. Salla elaborates on Khyla message that “using advanced time travel technology which involved ‘multidimensional consciousness’, something which the Grays apparently could not duplicate due to their degraded genetic bodies, a significant number of Procyons were able to escape and began a liberation war from the ‘remote corridors of time’. Significantly, the Procyons describe how some of their resistance techniques would be relevant to the situation on Earth:

“… it would be suicidal to attempt to fight the Grays directly with the weapons now at your disposal. One must be rational in attempting to fight back, and understand the proper way to proceed. Your own consciousness is the most potent weapon that is available to you at the present time. The most effective way to fight the Grays is to change the level of your consciousness from linear thinking to multi-dimensional awareness…. They have the technology to throw your planet out of orbit, but there is one key ability that you have and they do not have: the ability to hold in mind imagery that inspires an individual to realize his or her direct personal connection to the source of all that is… That is your key to victory.”

According to Alex Collier, the Procyons have recently liberated their world from “Gray” influence and he describes the Procyons as currently “gung ho” when it comes to dealing with the Grays.

In conclusion, Dr. Michael Salla stipulates: “the Procyons main activity is in effectively resisting the extraterrestrial subversion by developing a ‘multidimensional consciousness’, using mind imagery to protect oneself from extraterrestrial mind control, and monitoring unfriendly extraterrestrial activity.”

Furthermore, Dr. Salla elaborates: “The global solutions that the Procyons can assist in include exposing extraterrestrial subversion, helping end global secrecy of the extraterrestrial presence, promoting multidimensional consciousness, deprogramming mind control, promoting universal human rights, and developing the internet and global communication.

Mr. Collier appears to suggest that through time travel, Earthbound humanity was severed from other humans, and that the Procyons are an example of this severing context. Dr. John Lash’s research on the ancient Pagan Gnostics suggests that humans have been entrapped into an alien solar system, and that our Earth has been entrapped into a universe which reflects the alien mind that continues to perpetrate an interdimensional war against Earthbound humans.

Fukushima is the apparent part of an unfolding of a “New World Order” agenda against humans, based upon the insights of Alex Collier.

Mr. Collier in 1995 had predicted that Fukushima would take place as a result of an orchestration by archons who can sought to parasitize and exploit our planet.

In the above video, John Carpenter’s “They Live” (1988) presented the archons and a mind control context that is consistent with description of the regressive aliens that ancient Pagan Gnostics observed. Dr. John Lash presents his very detailed research on ancient Pagan Gnostic insights on methistory.org.

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