Manipulative Extraterrestrials exploit human energy


I have been watching a picture develop.

As the picture has developed, I have been to various places to talk to and listen to various people and to read various things. And it is not until you least expect it that it finally dawns on you that you have developed a picture

I am finally seeing the whole picture coming together.

How Lucifer [through Manipulative Extraterrestrials and archon operatives] operates on this earth is one of those pictures. I have observed how he manipulates and uses humankind.

My learning has been a journey and I am sure it is not over yet but I have a clearer understanding of how things work and although I am no expert I will attempt to teach what I know. What I have learned has come directly from my own spiritual observation/

I will now attempt to paint a small picture for you from the larger one of how Lucifer operates on Earth and seeks to manipulate humankind.

What I have learned is that for those who seek to climb the ladder and be loyal to the system of Satanism or Luciferianism and move up the ladder to higher ranks of wealth and power is that their ultimate success is based on how much ‘loosh’ or energy they can create and obtain.

‘Loosh’ is a term apparently used by regressive alien entities operating on Earth in reference to the energy generated by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans-engendered by human activity which tigers emotion, the highest of such emotion being Love/Loosh.

Loosh is also applied to energy produced by human beings that other entities use to feed from. Loosh also is also used to refer to the energy that is produced by suffering that entities feed, i.e. from books by Robert Monroe. Maybe a play on the French word Louche à la “aliens feed off the loosh of humans for food.”



Our “leaders” who give Oaths to regressive aliens

What happens is that these Luciferians who give oaths to Satan become possessed with demonic entity(ies). These demons who possess humans, or even aliens for that matter… both groups, need loosh to receive power to manifest in the physical realm through that person. The more loosh, the more power they receive to operate.

The humans themselves don't feed off loosh, but the beings that possess them do. It is these beings who are rewarded to higher ranks in the demonic realm of Lucifer's kingdom. The humans who allow this possession are also rewarded in the same way [Lucifer’s kingdom manifests on Earth through the oppressive cultures which prevail in elite driven institutions].

The flipside is these Luciferians have to keep loosh coming in at a steady and constant basis. That is why many of them create their own niche markets, and go solo and surround themselves with ‘The Unsuspecting’ who unwittingly help them to succeed as supporters of their ministries.

These Luciferians spend their time creating more and more loosh, to grow bigger and bigger and to become more famous or more known because bigger crowds means more loosh. They need to establish and maintain a constant source of loosh and this is why many of them will head into religion.

Organized Religion

Organized religion is a bigger and more advantageous market than politics, or anything else. This is because there is more room and opportunity for these people to create their own niche in religion than to obtain a political office.

This is also why religious leaders and figures rank the highest in Lucifer's Kingdom. Other than dictators themselves, the sheer amount of loosh they create and obtain through organized religion is the largest, and easiest way for these Luciferians to build their nets. They also get the perks of self-sufficiency, and for some even wealth and fortune from their followers as they fleece, con, and spiritually destroy them.

Think about the various people around the world who have sold out to Satan for wealth, fame, fortune, and power. The ones with big followings and the ones who have access to the largest amounts of people are the most successful. Or, the ones who can create the most terror and fear in people such as children or innocent victims of horrors, abuse, injury or death. They can climb the ladder legally or illegally, it doesn't matter to Lucifer. Loosh talks, the rest walks.

There are several kinds of this loosh energy that they can develop to feed off of. It is almost like vampirism. Except instead of drinking blood to survive they somehow soak in and capture this energy to survive and it determines how successful they become and how far they can move up in rank, status, wealth, fame, fortune and power either in this life or the lie they believe about their next one.

Many of them, like witches, are promised these things upon their death here on earth where they will be rewarded in Lucifer's "kingdom" when they are in the dead realm. Yes, they are that intellectually challenged to believe him.

Feeding the demonic Ego: Regressive alien operatives seek to create “loosh”

Aliens or fallen angels refer to this energy as loosh and they operate in the same way as the Luciferians do. In fact it was learning about the aliens, that I first learned about this loosh. I didn't realize humans vessels for aliens [i.e. archons] were feeding off this same type of energy and when I finally did, it made me realize how closely they all work together and how similar they all really are, as Satan worshippers, literally.

To obtain loosh people must be deceived, used, abused, manipulated, and even killed in order to become this energy source which is a food source for Luciferians who feed off of other peoples emotions. It can come from deception or terror and horror or any number of ways and I'm going to try and pinpoint these from what I have learned.

The Church Congregation - Re-directing loosh to alien-ized elites

Imagine a church full of people singing and worshipping “the Lord“, yet unbeknownst to them the pastor of the church is a Satanist/alien cultist. The pastor works the Luciferian system of being loyal to Lucifer and secretly worships Lucifer. This apparently works the best in Pentecostal congregations because pastors can and do use tongue speaking to call on Satan's presence and Satan's power to perform miracles and no one else can understand what they are saying.

The leader masks it in the form of prayer and the people are deceived by it. In this instance the leader or pastor receives great energy from the church members who are singing praises or worshipping the Lord because as the leader of the church he arrogantly accepts and receives that worship to himself and for Lucifer. He stands in front of them all and accepts their worship as being to him and Lucifer.

It is in this way that many church members and those who follow religions are used as pawns to give Satan [i.e. regressive aliens] power. Are they victims or are they at fault themselves? They are at fault themselves.

Humans bask in errors and deceptions, often refuse to pursue truth

By sitting in errors and deceptions they become open access to demonic entities themselves. Many people refuse to seek the truth in all things and arrogantly refuse to believe or admit they are being deceived. Or they ignore the pursuit of the truth for the louder one in their heads. It is in this way that they become pawns of regressive entities and open ‘dimensional doorways’ for demon to access and feed off of.

Religion, and there are many of them, creates an atmosphere for the direction of loosh energy and if a particular one is headed by a Luciferian, then that Satanist/alien cultist is credited and rewarded for creating and instigating that loosh. The one who creates and instigates loosh is the chief benefactor of it and the one credited and rewarded from Satan [a regressive alien complex] for obtaining it. At the same time, other Luciferians can be present and enjoy some of this loosh for themselves as well.

Music/Entertainment Industry

Another way to create loosh is under the auspices of corporate interests in the Entertainment industry through rock, rap, country, or any kind of music and the musicians who create it are rewarded for it. For those who are in the Luciferian system they feed off the emotions their music creates and how it affects those who listen to it. They get their loosh and Satanic rewards in that way.


Politicians who pass legislation which enslaves, angers, or puts the people in fear feed off those emotions. Or if they make the people happy they feed off that, and twist it as one being empowered by them and worshipped by them. They are in a position of power as it is, a political office is power over the people by election, yet they will always seek more. How much loosh they can create while in office is what they will feed off of and be rewarded by. That is why many of them will turn to committing and hiding despicable crimes and using their political power to hide it, so they can use and abuse the power of their office as a launchpad to create even more loosh.


Teachers who have power over the minds of those they teach, feed off the effects of their teaching on others. For some reason being a Satanist in a position as a Sunday School teacher has great power. Because it is a deceptive power. They teach the wrong things that negatively affects those they teach, or they feed off the energy of the students who are there to learn about “the Lord” and feed off it for themselves. Being a Sunday school teacher is usually a stepping stone for them to obtain higher positions of trust and leadership in the churches they are infiltrating and trying to control, destroy, and feed off of.

Perpetuated War Economy, War on Terror

And then there is a completely further hideous side of loosh. This is loosh created from terror, pain, suffering, agony, horror, injury, and death. A slow, suffering death is preferred with intense agony.

These types of emotions created by all these kinds of feelings and pain are what are fed off of. Imagine an innocent child being horrible abused and then killed. The fear and pain of such an experience creates loosh for the person causing it. He gets a rush, a high from it. And those who make careers out of this sort of thing creating a lot of this type of loosh on a constant basis will rank high in the Luciferian system.

Children Sex Slave Rings

That is why you will hear of children sex slave rings reaching into the White House, United Nations, and governments around the world. It is the politicians who establish and protect these types of crimes and abuses because they are the ones who can hide them and keep the fact they exist out of the media that they can control. Abusing the innocent creates a high amount of loosh.

Pyramid Power: Lucifierian ideology runs the world

To serve Satan means to pay the piper. And you pay the piper with loosh. And in the piper's eyes, the more loosh you create the more status you can have in his kingdom. He obtains his kingdom or realm of rulership on earth by deception. And he does that through the secret societies and groups that are created to control the earth and run it for him and through individual followers who branch out and infiltrate every facet of our society to build loosh nets for themselves and for Satan to feed off of. The more loosh Satan gets, the more power he has, in turn the more loosh a follower can create the more reward he will receive.

One can easily recognize that most of those in the Luciferian system put themselves in some kind of positions of authority, fame, and power. Police officers, politicians, prison guards, teachers, entertainers, musicians, religious leaders, pastors. Positions where they can personally create and obtain loosh. The more loosh, the more power, the more rank, the more status in the Luciferian system.

Luciferian “God complex”

Lucifer does not own this world. We don't ’seek God’ via permission from Lucifer. Yet that's the bottom line of what a lot of these Luciferians preach and the mentality they pound their listeners with. They want you to believe that Lucifer owns this world. Lucifer doesn't own this world, but millions of people think so. The kingdom of God is not of this world it is within those who are His/Her.

We live in a world enslaved by Lucifer and tricked and deceived by him, and who runs his own system here, but he is limited in what he can do through his alien emissaries because we, as part of a spiritual interconnectedness to each other as human beings are here, and it is Lucifer who is subjection to Him. If this was his world to begin with, he wouldn't be limited. But he is.

Because this world belongs to the realm of the Most High. If it belonged to Lucifer there would be no judgment. It is this mentality, that this world belongs to Lucifer that has led millions over the centuries into error and complacency and defeatism. To accept the status quo.

There are some who want you to accept and believe in defeat. That being a part of this world means you are being a part of Satan. That isn't true. We live in a world where people do wicked things and where segments of the population do follow and serve Satan's kingdom and realm of rulership here, but that doesn't mean it is all his.

As humans, we must re-affirm of spiritual interconnectness with our higher dimensional consciousness. What these wolves are craftily declaring through their teachings and doctrines is that we can only “worship the Lord” through Lucifer's kingdom, and that is defeatism, which is mean to disempower. By listening to them you are in agreement that you are enslaved by Lucifer thus becoming another victim of his.

I may have to follow laws I don't agree with or conform to societal ways I don't like, but I serve the Most High by doing so and while doing so, not Lucifer. Lucifer doesn't own this world but he operates in it. He will be allowed to rule for a short time as the Antichrist but until then he is a wannabe world ruler and a completely psychotic fallen angel which manifests, in part, through regressive aliens, and who masquerades as a God.

Let's not give him credit where it is not due. So many people are so eager to hand this world over to him, and say it is his when that is not true. That is because they glorify him and worship him and want to rob you of freedom from their constant evil and attempts to enslave you into their Luciferian system as pawns and victims. You can't enjoy freedom if you are a slave of his or theirs. Religious, and other “leaders” are working to enslave you into Luciferianism [the “doctrine of the aliens“, reference:]. It is up to you what you do with this information.

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Watch a clip below from John Carpenter's "They Live" (1988) on the 'archons'.

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