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The New Evidence, Cosmic Top Secret: America's Secret UFO Program [Paperback]

Paperback: 300 pages

Publisher: Inner Light - Global Communications


ISBN-10: 189206250X


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William F. Hamilton III is a well-known researcher of the many mysteries surrounding the UFO phenomenon. When the Phoenix Lights flap occurred back in the mid-90s, he was the premiere on-the-scene investigator, and he is a popular speaker on the UFO lecture circuit as well as a frequent guest expert on radio and television.

Originally published back in 1990, Hamilton's wonderful overview of the government cover-up of the alien incursion into our little blue planet, entitled Cosmic Top Secret: America's Secret UFO Program, was reprinted by Global Communications a couple of years ago, and it's great to have such a true classic available once again.

One of the primary charms offered by Hamilton in "Cosmic Top Secret" is the enormous wealth of stories and anecdotes he has gathered on numerous aspects of the government's secret study of and relationship with the UFOs and their occupants. While Hamilton readily acknowledges that there is no concrete evidence to prove these stories beyond any reasonable doubt, their cumulative effect is to create a sense of awe and wonder in the reader, and to appeal to the imagination in ways that no science-fiction story ever could.

The many shadowy informants who step out of the darkness, each holding their own piece of the larger puzzle in their trembling hands, provide testimonies which coalesce into a picture of military and intelligence agency collusion with visitors from the stars whose interest in mankind may not be as benevolent as we would like to hope. Has our government sold us out to alien interests in exchange for help in making "out-of-this-world" advances in technology? Has the military agreed to allow for the abduction of human test subjects in order to pacify an invading alien force bent on the total takeover of our world? These are the kinds of issues Hamilton grapples with in the pages of "Cosmic Top Secret," all the while building a solid case for the idea that SOMETHING is going on in the covert black projects carried out by so many government and military agencies, something that is to be hidden from the unsuspecting eyes of the public at all costs.

Hamilton covers a lot of essential ground in "Cosmic Top Secret," such as the Roswell crash, Bob Lazar and the Area 51/Dreamland story, underground tunnels and bases and the rumored super-secret underground laboratory facility in Dulce, New Mexico. He presents story after story, taken from actual workers on the scene who for one reason or another have decided to go public with what they know, and the sheer strangeness of what those informants relate sometimes boggles the mind. The standard diminutive grays, for instance, don't merely show up in the dreamlike recollections of abductees, but are seen time and again working alongside human government employees in secret laboratories miles beneath the surface.

It is easy to be cynical about the government these days. One still reels from things like Richard Nixon's Watergate and George Bush's nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction. The history of lies told to the public that were later exposed as such seems to go on forever. Is it such a difficult leap to the idea that the government espouses a public policy of ridicule and denial regarding the UFO phenomenon, while secretly they are buried deep in an alien conspiracy that they may ultimately have no real control over?

If there is any truth to that unsettling scenario, then "Cosmic Top Secret" is one of the best sources to learn about it from. The book also includes several fascinating black and white photos of UFOs taken near sensitive military installations, as well as some intriguing speculative technological theorizing on the propulsion systems used by UFOs that are covertly being reverse-engineered for use in human aircraft. Hamilton does an excellent job of making the hard data comprehensible to the average layman.

Also included in the package is a reprint of the complete text of Hamilton's "Alien Magic," which is a further study of these same topics fleshed out with even more information about underground bases, government cooperation with a variety of alien races, and additional stories from those brave souls who dare to try to bring their devastating knowledge to the American public -- before it's too late to do anything but surrender to those large, dark eyes that seem to already know us all too well.

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