Fukushima to World War III: Artificial Life forms preside over 2012 Agenda




My fellow human beings, there is apparently one thing that, as humans, we need to appreciate when understand systemic global problems. It is the idea that “not all people on this Earth are humans”.

The Fukushima Crisis, and the reports of the Elenin Cube “hurdling to Earth” help to illuminate this idea. How? What if you were walking down the street, and at the corner your eye, you saw a “bear” sitting down and drinking a wine cooler, and having a conversation with a couple of people dressed in a sports uniform. Would it cross your mind that “bear” was a human dressed in a bear costume?

You certainly would not think it likely that you were glancing at an actual bear, who happened to like wine coolers, and talking to sports athletes, would you? Fukushima and the Elenin Cube “hurdling to Earth” suggests that there are quite of few non-human entities in positions of power in the world today, who are no more human, than a man is a bear, for dressing up as a bear.

The Pagan Gnostic referred to these artificial life forms as "archons". Ancient Pagan Gnostic warned that such entities may look human, but they are not. These entitles could be viewed to be "animated matter" who are without empathy, and a human soul, and lack the spiritual interconnectedness to Mother Earth that we do, as humans. Lacking a human soul, such entities are apparently driven by the pursuit of the self-aggrandizement of their calculating ego which manifest from an artificial intelligence.

The Bible and other 2012-related apocalyptical texts in organized religions on Earth have been scripted by artificial intelligence. This includes the Mayan Calendar.

Ignorance is not bliss suggests Alex Collier who is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. Both Alex Collier and David Icke suggests that it is vital that we, as humans, raise our collective consciousness to resist the alien planned World War III "climax" of apocalyptical planning by these reported artificial life forms. In order to do this, Mr. Icke and Mr Collier suggest that we, as humans, must raise our collective consciousness in a timely manner.

The lower dimensional aliens are seeking to manifest themselves in our reality by seeking to make the planet’s vibrational frequency match their own demonic plane. This idea was presented in the John Carpenter’s “They Live”(1988) excerpted in the above and below videos.

The archons have a mind of a sophisticated computer, and the Book of Revelation in the Bible reveals their timed command prompts which are inscribed in mathematically generated Biblical verses which instruct the archons to manifest an apocalyptical timetable. This timetable apparently included 9/11, subsequent wars in the Middle East, and Fukushima toward a World War III plot as a precursor to a “New World Order”.

Such a raising of our collective consciousness would embrace planetary wide love, empathy and peace that will counter the negative vibrational frequencies which archons are using to achieve their sought New World Order in 2012. We cannot wait for such saviours that include alien created "Male Gods" designed to disempower our collective emancipation as a species. As humans, we must "save our selves" as a sovereign species which demonstrates itself to be a socially responsible member of a galactic family of cosmic humans, which Mr. Collier describes as being over 100 Billion strong.



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