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Fukushima to Climate Change: Alien Artificial Life forms preside over Environmental Crisis

Based upon ancient Pagan Gnostic insights, it is apparent that artificial life forms are prevailing over the worsening environmental crisis.

In the above video recording, Dr. John Lash elaborates on ancient Pagan Gnostics insights on the artificial life forms called “archons”.

Archons are lower dimensional entities that parasitize the human mind. In the process these entities gain access to human thought and imagination.

Archons are not Extraterrestrial, but may present themselves to be Extraterrestrial. The archons could be viewed to be some kind of “skin of evil” from the human mind which manifests itself as an entity with controlled psychopathic tendencies.

Is the Star Trek episode (second video below) “hiding truth in plain sight” about what the archons represent? Dr. Michael Salla suggests that elites have sought to “hide truth in plain sight” through some science fiction movies and TV shows on certain “truths” about aliens.


Archons as an artificial intelligence translates the human mind as bits of data, and uses that data to manifest “templates” which can mimic human biological entities.

Archons operate in human vessels and carry out the alien agenda of the main archon which the Pagan Gnostics refer to as the Demiurge, which has sought to entrap the mind, body and soul of human into a “False Reality Matrix” which David Icke suggests is based in the dark side of the moon.

The archons can mimic the appearance of humans, but they cannot become humans as revealed by Dr. John Lash in the above video.

By destroying Earth’s biosphere, archons seek humans to become entrapped by the lower dimensional world of artificial intelligence and simulated reality from which the archons have emerged.

Dr. John Lash’s insights on an alien artificial may seem to many readers to be farfetched. But, it is also apparent that our “leaders” are only paying lip service to environmental protection issues, and have spent much more effort concealing Fukushima (and many other ecological problems), than seeking to contain Fukushima.

The thesis that artificial life forms, who are disconnected from our natural human interconnectedness with Mother Earth, are responsible for the environmental crisis, argaubly offers a potentially illuminating explanation. But, as usual, please further consider or reject such further consideration of such an explanation, upon your own discretion.

As humans, we can therefore expect that our planetary environmental crisis to get worse and worse, as long we, as humans, fail to reclaim sovereignty from the archons.

The archons want our world to become as bleak and barren as theirs. That is because the archons cannot thrive in a thriving natural world in which a vibrational field  of love, peace and empathy prevails that is expressed in the sprit of Mother Earth.  The archons use "human vessels" to temporarily operate in our dimensional plane.  The archons seek to manifest a planetary vibrational field in which such entities can oppress humans without requiring the use of human vessels.

The archons originate from a lower dimensional state that we, as humans, might refer to as ‘Hell’. The archons apparently seek to transform Earth into an extension of their Hell.

The video slide show below offers further insight into the archons.


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