Exopolitics: Alien interference spawns wars, financial and environmental crises


Our planet Earth is at a state that leads people to feel a mass discontent at the way things are apparently being run. The Middle East is in a state of turmoil. Things are no better after the Arab Spring. Africa is going down the toilet. Black Africans in a relatively “rich” country as South Africa are even more destitute than they were during the apartheid regime.

The only substantive action which elites have agreed on Fukushima is to pursue mass censorship. In addition, the plight of the 99% of the population that was referred to by the Occupy Movements in the industrialized West, gets ever worse.

As humans, many of us could present a long laundry list of critical issues which seem to be ignored by elites, but that are critical to human quality-of-survival. Why would such vital issues go ignored, and how can we begin to more forward, in a manner which can begin to redress vital issues?

Read more?  Internet site reference: http://www.examiner.com/article/exopolitics-alien-interference-spawns-wars-financial-and-environmental-crises?cid=db_articles

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