UFO: Moon photos suggest aliens repress Human Development

It was the ancient Pagan Gnostics who had suggested that the real danger of the "Archons" is their ability to exploit our human faculties of imagination and then to use those faculties against us, as humans. Dr. John Lash has documented Pagan Gnostic accounts in metahistory.org.

There are many of us, as humans, who assume that when we see a UFO, that must be the technical result of some much more advanced race of beings. But it was Jacques Vallée who also had further warn us, as humans, about many UFOs being part of a psychological warfare designed to insinuate the idea the entities responsible for such apparent "spacecraft" as necessarily being "more advanced".

More information?  Go to: http://www.examiner.com/article/china-s-moon-photos-suggest-aliens-repress-human-development?cid=db_articles

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