UFOs become in fashion

I can remember some years ago when the UFO topic was frowned on by many people. If you so much as mentioned that you had seen a UFO you would be greeted with raised eyebrows or worse from many.

Now, however, it seems the tide has changed and it's quite cool to admit to have seen one of the variety of crafts that seem to be floating around in the air space of the World.

There are many different sorts of UFO.  Witnesses have reported black triangles, orange balls, white balls of light and many more.

As I often think if only ten percent of these sighting's were genuine flying saucers then that would still be a lot of real UFOs.  I would imagine the number of sightings per year have increased greatly in recent months and that now it is well over the thousands mark per year counting craft spotted all over the World.  So that means we have had a lot more of these strange visitors of one kind or another as the years have gone by, although many sightings remain unreported.

I think that these visitors are by no means a new event.  I believe that we have been receiving visits for a good long time.  I remember that when I was a young girl in the sixties, my Father telling me about events he had seen when he was a young man himself in America.

Where do they come from? Well they could be a mixture of different things, I think that some may be time travellers from the future, some may be genuine visitors from outer space and a great deal more of them are from the Earth itself.

I would imagine that technology is so far advanced now that certain races on the Planet have very high tech ways of travelling that we are not aware of.  Who knows, there may even be a working Stargate or two knocking around here on Earth; maybe some of these visitors use that method of travel. 

Whatever all the strange things may or may not be, the main thing is that we need to be able to get all the people we can to get on with each other, which is more to worry about than possible visitors from Outer Space.

Lets hope that if we do get a Close Encounter of any kind it will be a positive experience for all those involved.

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