Alien Entities: Soul Collector-like Archon appears over Syria


UFO Sightings Daily reports on 14 September 2012 a "cell resembling" Archon-like entity hovered over the destruction of war ravaged Syria. This sighting appears to complement representation by Alex Collier that there are regressive aliens who seek to "vampire" energy from human “soul energy” [video below]. Mr. Collier is an Ethical Extraterrestrial contactee of a Humanoid race.

Another group that calls itself the Luciferian Liberation Front has provided a description of an alleged approach Elenin Cube toward Earth which resembles the UFO-like activity over Syria. This organization links certain UFO activity to “Holding Ships”.

UFO Sightings Daily is coordinated by Scott C. Waring, who is a UFO researcher and author who has become an honorary astronomer through his independent investigative research on anomalies in space. Mr. Waring had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan.

Mr. Waring described where the UFO sighting over the Syrian War zone.

“Now don't complain about the focusing or zooming in and out [on above video]. I have caught two similar UFOs like this myself a year ago and focusing on the UFO from such a distance and its constant strobe like effect really plays tricks on the camera.”

Mr. Waring further described the Archon-like entity over Syria which resembles a cell of some kind.

“The colours, the strobe effect and the tiny black orbiting balls are all the same as the two that I too have seen. This is real, that I promise you. Why aren't these things showing up on military radar?”

Some UFOlogists interpret certain UFO activity to possibly be aliens having benign observation of human and other activity on Earth. Other UFO researchers who include voluntary contactees like Alex Collier appear to suggest that some UFO activity may be associated with parasitizing destruction and mayhem on our planet Earth.

The Luciferian Liberation Front, is an independent research organization that provides a description which may appear to be consistent with the possible Archon-like entity in the video.

“From all appearances it is a giant “soul” feeding battery/generator which allows the ONE mind of the collective this Galactic Obliteration Device (G.O.D.) to be able to feed off the life essences of the enslaved souls held within its "temple pillars" and redirect their energies according to the will of the ONE.”

The Luciferian Liberation Front suggests that such apparent “UFO activity” maybe be a precursor to an alien invasion scripted in the Bible that is associated with the alleged approach of an “Elenin Cube”. editors elaborate on the vampirism that can be associated with certain kinds of UFO activities linked to “Archons“.

“When a human being dies, his life essence, spirit, or soul is scanned by the Soul Collectors who patrol the dimension between physical time/space and the finer dimension of subspace… The Collector takes on the role of guide and attempts to lead the soul to the gates of the Holding Ship.”

The Luciferian Liberation Front reinforces the insights of Dr. John Lash on the “Archons” that apparently seek to feed off from the negative energies associated with war and accompanying destruction on our planet Earth in areas like Syria. The Luciferian Liberation Front makes representation on the parasitization by “Archons” of wars among humans by certain kinds of alien activities that allegedly seeks to collect souls.

“In this Holding Ship, the spirit essence of the dead person is scanned again to determine its degree of purity of energy (its lack of resistant character traits) and its potential to provide nourishment to the collective mind of G.O.D. This potential is based on the degree that this spirit has been subdued through fear and dependence or how effective religious programming had been on this soul during its physical lifetime.”

Dr. John Lash uncovered ancient Pagan Gnostic insights that the Bible was scripted by Archontic entities who have in turn scripted certain kinds of “UFO activity” that is eventually supposed to be viewed by humans as projections of “God” or the “Divine”.

Is the “UFO” over Syria a natural phenomenon or some kind of interdimensional archon-orchestrated “Mothership”?

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