UFO: Pennsylvania witness describes massive entity

A Pennsylvania witness at Phoenixville reports watching a "massive, circular craft" that seemed to change shape as it moved overhead just after midnight on October 1, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was standing in his backyard at the time when he first noticed the object.

"As it made its way into my full view, I noticed it seemed to look like a very large over-sized jet with white lights - at least three on each side - of what at first appeared to be wings, as well as red lights on the under belly of the craft," the witness stated. "As this object started to pass above me I remember thinking this plane is huge."

But then the object's shape appeared to change.

"This object appeared to change shape or the clouds moved around and away from it. The craft may have rotated or changed direction at this point, it was all so breathtaking I was just in shock of what I was seeing. I could have possibly been seeing some sort of cloaking technology."

The witness then realized he was not looking at a conventional aircraft.

"The next thought I had was that this was no plane, but a gigantic, circular craft with a smaller circle within, that began to rotate. The craft did have bright, white lights on its outer rim - maybe 6 or more - and the inner circle had red lights - at least two - but at the angle of my view it felt like there was three that spun with the inner circle. This all happened in seconds."

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