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Alien reptile terrorizes occupied Kashmir

Hindustan Times reported on 22 September 2012, the panic created by a mysterious Lizard seen by people in Kashmir’s capital city Srinagar, and the talk of a giant carnivorous Komodo dragon-like entity that was reported walking through roads in the locality of Lawaypora. The hunt for the alien specie launched by the authorities is still on. Officials of the wild life department said, "Although it is not clear how the 'creature' could have reached the valley, authorities said an alien might have jumped into a truck ferrying goods from outside into Kashmir".

The people of Kashmir are used to alien intrusions and the most they dread is the species camouflage as humans. Kashmir history is replete with such species creating havoc by preying on hapless people to subjugate them using coercion, inhuman treatment and humiliation. None of these unwelcome alien forces understood their language, culture, behaviour or beliefs making their life harsh, difficult and impossible.

The editor of India’s Mail Today, Sandeep Bamzai, fifth column indianite Kashmiri Pandit portrays a dream situation (30 September 2012). Bamzai displaying his intellectual prowess touching journalistic horizon with words pearled with selective vocabulary to give a picture of Kashmir never known before. He speaks on behalf of young Kashmiris who, as he claims, do not like Pakistan anymore and in Bamzai phraseology say "bye-bye Pakistan". Kashmiris expecting an alien attack locked themselves up behind their closed doors turning Kashmir into a ghost country.

Bamzai overwhelmed is thankful to Indian President, a favor from one Brahman Durga Deity worshipper to another, for helping him to make a landfall after 36 years; the land of his birth and forefathers was as he had left it. Back to his roots after a long time; nostalgic emotional attachments with "Maej Kasheer" (Mother Kashmir) calls spade a spade saying "the Indian army and the paramilitary have been hated for long in the Valley". A few traffic lights in Lal or Budshah chowk (red or Budshah square) he gleefully mentions are a great equaliser and calls it a new player and army convoys which had a free run speeding killing hundreds in road accidents in the past have to stop now; a law which, according to him, did not exist till recently.

"As we left the former interrogation centre codenamed Papa 2, I was inundated with thoughts and fragments of conversations. Papa 2 is the Hari Niwas state guest house built by Maharaja Hari Singh. It was the interrogation centre used by Indian army. Pakistan is slowly and steadily being eradicated from the psyche of the Kashmiris". The torture chamber Papa 2 consumed thousands of disappeared innocent Kashmiris buried in unidentified graves. Bamzai knows the unprecedented atrocities have not erased Pakistan from Kashmiri minds.

Kashmir, as generally believed, is well aware the turmoil Pakistan is in and the new generation knows where the trouble stems from; believes the tables and the tide to turn in favour of Kashmir and Pakistan. Kashmir known as Switzerland of Asia like always will attract business and tourism and it does not need any Indian help in that direction. An independent Kashmir is capable of feeding half of India and can provide hydro power to major cities of India. It will be a viable economy and will not need to roam around with a begging bowl. Political independence of Kashmir is of first priority as India must leave for Kashmir to prove to the world that it is strong enough to take care of its economic needs.

"The idea of Pakistan may have died a natural death, but azadi (independence) remains embedded in the hearts and minds of the people" Bamzai comments. Kashmiris understand that India will have to leave sooner or later and believe like India, Kashmir will not have to wait for some Hitler to lose his mind. Indian desperate attempt to keep Pakistan out of Kashmir political equation has to fail as without Pakistan’s involvement Kashmir problem can never be solved.

"Indian President moved in on September 27, 2012 to bridge trust deficit targeting youth of Kashmir and sending larger message to people of the world that all Kashmiris live with dignity but was aware that there are grievances, many important issues needing deft handling and speedy resolution". Mr President did not elaborate on those grievances.

Bamzai further says that "Kashmir was an ideal that both Pandit Nehru and Sheikh Muhammed Abdullah swore by" but missed to mention that for those very ideals Nehru chose to imprison and extern Sheikh for a number of years, betraying his trust to finish him off politically. History is witness that Nehru’s 17 York Road was chosen as the venue to dupe Mountbatten in believing that Sheikh was on Nehru’s side.

President of India talked about equal rights, opportunities, normalcy, prosperity and development to a select group of students and staff at the University. He had a ride on A Gunboat around famous Dal Lake and due to security reasons entire area was sealed off. But the President was unaware that Kashmir, under self-imposed curfew, was restricted and barred from any access to Internet, Face-book, YouTube, Twitter etc. as Kashmir, like India tells the world, has a "special status".

Kashmir has already received an "adrenalin shot" of nationalism and Kashmir with all its provinces including Jammu, Ladakh and area under Pakistani control, is committed to carry on with the just struggle and the optimism gives people strength that Kashmir will soon see the back of last Indian soldier.

Bamzai is reminded of poz (truth) with the cries mayini khudaya apuz ha (Oh God what a pack of lies) and apzeeyris laanath (May the liar be cursed). Kashmiris had no hand in Pandit migration as the plot was smashed to smithereens by intellectual nationalist Pandits who exposed Indian army and its intelligence agencies sinister designs. The fact remains that Muslim population was hiding in mosques to escape the wrath of Indian army and Pandits were asked to leave under the cover of darkness to allow a free hand to annihilate Muslim population, which the Indian army handled successfully. A visit to the following internet page will prove the above point.


Kashmir may not like Pakistani politicians for their inefficiency and devious character but they do love Pakistan. Pakistan is inseparable part of the political equation to render help for Kashmir to restore its legitimate political rights, guaranteed by international community to seek independence from the occupiers.

Kashmir by the bye loves Pakistan and seeks ouster of all aliens!