UFO: Cigar-like craft hovers over Philadelphia


A Cigar like craft has been sighted near the Philadelphia regional airport on the 5th of November, 2012 at 5:02 PM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

In the report filed with MUFON, the witness has described the time, date and location of the sighting.

I was driving home from work from Philadelphia, PA to New Castle, DE at about 5:02 pm on 11/5/12 when I noticed a light in the sky I was on I-95 heading south at about the Chichester Ave. exit.”

He then tells us what he first thought of the object and goes on to describe its shape and colour.

At first, I thought I was seeing an optical illusion, what looked like a break in a cloud, but it was far too uniform in shape. It was cigar shaped, bright amber and at a 45 degree angle like this: '/'

He tells us how he reacted after he saw it, and then describes sighting more objects. He also talks about their orientation, position and colour.

I blinked to refocus my eyes, thinking next that maybe I was seeing a shooting star or some sort of meteorite. When I looked up again I saw 3 more objects. They were all angled in the same orientation, all stationary, and with a consistent and constant light. “

After that, the witness describes the exact location and direction of these UFOs.

I continued to watch the sky as I was driving and they did not appear to move. 3 were off to the right with the closest one at about the treeline and the other appearing further off in the distance toward the direction of the Brandywine Creek State park and seeming to be higher in the sky. The 4th was off to the left, more in the direction of the Delaware River. “

The witness then provides us a description of his journey and how he continued sighting the objects. He also tells us about how he lost sight of them in the end.

I continued to keep my eyes on the objects as I continued on I-95 South. When I forked off onto 495 South, I began to lose sight of the objects due to my shift in direction. I thought I had lost sight of them, when I realized that there was one in the far distance. I could barely make it out. I did see distinct airplane lights flashing after seeing the objects, but since I was headed in the direction of the New Castle Airport, I figured it was a regular flight. By 5:12 pm, I had lost sight of all of the objects. “

The witness further tells us that this is the first time he had filed a UFO report, and also explains why did not take photographs.

I am a very logical and rational person and I have NEVER had an experience so distinct as this to warrant my filing a report. I called the National UFO Reporting Center hotline about 1/2 way into the event, gave the brief description and was encouraged to file the report when I got home. Unfortunately, I was not comfortable pulling over on the freeway to take photos during rush hour traffic. “

Finally, he tells us how he came to know about MUFON.

I was at an event about a year ago where MUFON was mentioned, and that’s what triggered me to file my report here as well.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Diverse witnesses in Pennsylvania have reported UFO activity.

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