Extraterrestrials: Green glowing alien mistaken for ghost

On October 23rd, 2012, Gary and Amanda Linney of Collieston in Aberdeenshire, Scotland was reported on UFO Sightings Daily,  that they had seen an alien running away from their cottage.

Gary Linney, a 52-year-old former police officer, began the report, “I could not believe what we saw during the night of October 22-23. It looks like a little green man running. It just disperses into the surface of the road. If you look closely you can see can see a head.” Indeed photos submitted by the couple do seem to show a green object moving away from their cottage. Gary went on to say, “The whole experience was very surreal. I was a policeman and a pilot for 20 years and have never seen anything like this before.”

Amanda, 46, added, “We tried to recreate the scenes (in the photos) many times to see if we could obtain the same results again. We have used the same setting, we have taken photos in the same location, but nothing has appeared again”

So are these photographs evidence of aliens among us? Scott C. Waring seems to think so. Scott is the owner of UFO Sightings Daily, a site dedicated to all things UFO. This ardent UFOlogist created his online platform as a way of promoting clarity among those who claim to have evidence of UFO and alien sightings.

The Linneys are also convinced. Their report continued, “We had doubts about the sighting at first, and tried to find other explanations. We own a hotel which is considered haunted.  One of our staff suggested that what we saw was a ghost from the hotel. We did consider this possibility for some time, but in the end, we came to terms with what we had seen. It was definitely an alien”

Their little green man is not the only strange sighting in the area. Just the previous week Morag Ritchie, who lives 25 miles away in Fraserburgh, also claims to have seen a UFO, along with several members of her family.  That comes as no surprise to paranormal investigator Malcolm Robinson, who says, “That area has one of the highest concentrations of UFO reports in the UK, particularly the Aberdeenshire town of Muchalls.’ He is reviewing the photographs from the Linney sighting.

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